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Adding Chalkboard Designs to Your Bridal Shower


Chalkboard designs are still very popular. See how you can incorporate them into your bridal shower theme for a personalized event.

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Around The Clock Bridal Shower Theme

Planning an around the clock bridal shower theme? Around the clock shower invitations prepare guests for this fun theme

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Open House Bridal Shower

Are you hosting an Open House bridal shower? Explain to guests that the Open House bridal shower will allow them to stay...

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Bridal Shower Slideshow

A bridal shower slideshow is a memorable keepsake. Invite guests to view the slide show and then

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Candy Buffet

A bridal shower candy buffet is a fun idea. How do you make yours a party conversation piece?

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Winter bridal shower centerpiece ideas


Are you planning a winter bridal shower? Look to nature for your centerpiece ideas. Greenery with pine cones, colorful poinsettias, rustic tree branches, or decorative snowflakes can all be used to create focal points for you event.

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Pajama Party Bridal Shower Theme


A pajama party is the perfect theme as the winter season begins. Whether you're having a large group or just her closest friends, casual is the key.

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Bridal Shower Gifts for the Wedding Day

Bridal shower gifts for the wedding day are special. Wedding day shower gifts can include the garter, unity candle, guest book, ...

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Bridal Shower Umbrella

The bridal shower umbrella has been used at showers throughout the years as a symbol of well wishing.

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Personalize Your Bridal Shower

A photo backdrop can be a fun addition to any bridal shower. Personalize it to go with your theme, or use a classic design. Your guests will have a memorable keepsake of this special event. IMAGE TITLE

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Bridal Shower Gift Suggestion...ideas that she'll remember

A great bridal shower gift suggestion is a personalized gift. Other gift ideas include those that go along with the theme.

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Bridal Shower Themes for that one of a kind party

Bridal shower themes coordinate your party. Match bridal shower invitations, decorations and favors, to your theme.

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Fall bridal shower favor ideas

Are you hosting a Fall bridal shower? There are many favor ideas to warm up your event...soft glowing candles, pumpkin cookies, spiced tea.


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Bridal Shower Decorations

The best bridal shower decorations will help reinforce your theme, and bring your room together.

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Bridal Shower Cake

Your bridal shower cake will be the center of attention. Cakes that coordinate with the bridal shower theme or colors can simplify your plans.

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Bridal shower kitchen party theme

A bridal shower kitchen party theme will equip the new couple with everyday basics. Start your plans with kitchen theme bridal shower invitations.

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Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors should be memorable. These unique ideas will leave a positive impression.

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Are bridal shower favors necessary?


Bridal shower favors are often given to guests as they leave. They are not required, but are a nice way to remember the event. Favors don't have to be expensive. Add a hang tag to your item, with the name and date of the shower, for a personal touch.

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Themed Bridal Shower Invitations


Your bridal shower invitation should help your guests look forward to the occasion. Choose one that coordinates with your theme.

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Bridal Shower Banners

Use personalized bridal shower banners to create your party message. A bridal shower banner will add fun and interest to your room.

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Chalkboard Ideas for your Bridal Shower

Chalkboard ClockChalkboards can make great accent pieces for your bridal shower. Use them to greet guests, label buffet dishes, or as a message board for the bride.

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Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Bridal shower cupcakes can be simple or ornate. A colorful cupcake display can add to your party's overall look, or you can...

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Bridal Shower Game ideas that will add life to your party

Need a great bridal shower game? Guests will love these fun ideas. Choose activities that will work best for your bridal shower.

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Bridal Shower Spa Theme

A bridal shower spa theme is a day of beauty she'll cherish. A unique spa theme shower idea is to invite a...

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Choosing Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

Eiffel Tower Cake Topper

The bridal shower cake topper you choose should reinforce your party decor. If you're having a theme, use something that relates to it on the cake. Using your event colors will also bring your look together.

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Bridal Shower decorating with rose petals

bridal shower decorating with rose petals adds a natural touch to your wedding shower. Rose petals add color to your decorations in a way that...

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Bridal Shower Decorating With Balloons

Bridal Shower Decorating with Balloons for a party that will Wow your guests

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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative gift wrapping ideas for that memorable bridal shower gift. Use these tips to make your gift unique.

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Personalized bridal shower gifts

Personalized bridal shower gifts are unique. Some of the best personalized bridal shower gift ideas use the bride's name or initials on items she will...

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Bridal Shower Bathroom Gift Ideas

Luxury, comfort ,and necessity describe these bridal shower bathroom gift ideas. Add a touch of romance to these gift items by adding a...

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The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift


Flirty Aprons is having a site wide sale with 30% off and free shipping for the month of August...just use code PREP30 at checkout. They offer a line of stylish aprons. You're sure to find one for your bride to be.

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Bridal Shower Special Touches

These bridal shower special touches will make her feel extra special.

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Bridal Shower Wine and Cheese Party Theme

A bridal shower wine and cheese party theme is a great idea for a bridal shower. Guests love this relaxing theme. Make custom wine labels for each favor.

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Vintage Bridal Shower Theme

A vintage bridal shower theme will welcome guests with tasteful decorations, and vintage party theme ideas.

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Bridal Shower Pizza Party

A bridal shower pizza party is a casual theme that works well with all ages. Use colorful pizza party decorations to liven up your bridal shower.

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Gourmet cook bridal shower theme

choose a gourmet cook bridal shower theme for the bride who enjoys cooking and gourmet dining.

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Get Organized Bridal Shower Theme

A get organized bridal shower theme party to help the new couple with organizing all areas, is a great idea...

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Eco-Friendly Bridal Shower Theme

An Eco-Friendly bridal shower theme is an increasingly popular idea. Be kind to the environment by using these

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Dessert Bridal Shower Theme

a dessert bridal shower theme is always a hit with guests. Your dessert bridal shower will be especially...

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Bridal Shower Colors

Choose bridal shower colors that the bride likes, and colors that create your party mood.

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Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

Use bridal shower invitations to get guests excited about the upcoming event. Themed designs and party colors, are bridal shower invitation ideas that help personalize your party.

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Add Some Photobooth Fun to your Bridal Shower!


A photo booth backdrop is a great way to create instant memories of the bridal shower you've planned. Choose one that goes along with your theme for photos with a personal touch!

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What Style Chalkboard Theme Bridal Shower are you planning?

Bridal Shower Countdown Gift

Chalkboard items that can be used for a bridal shower are easy to find. They come in a variety of choices and prices. This simple idea can transform your party into a very personalized event. It is also easy to select a gift that goes along with this theme.

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Add Splashess of Color to Your Bridal Shower with Balloons


Balloons are an easy way to decorate your bridal shower. You'll find an array of colors, and themes. They are also economical.

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Bridal Shower Centerpiece

A bridal shower centerpiece should enhance your theme. What are the best centerpiece ideas for your bridal shower plans?

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Pirate Bridal Shower Theme

a pirate bridal shower theme is a fun adventure for guests of all ages.

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Craft Bridal Shower Theme

A craft bridal shower theme can be a great party idea. Announce your craft shower theme with a creative design on your...

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DIY Bridal Shower Favors

Looking for an easy DIY bridal shower favor that's also personal? Customize M&M'S� with party colors, add a message or photo. Then put in a take home bag for a one-of-a-kind gift! From 7/19 - 7/25, get 30% off everything, with no minimum, just use the promo code: SRFF30.

Friends and Family 120x90

Choosing Photo Booth Backdrops

Personalized Bridal Photo Backdrop

A photo booth backdrop can turn a simple photo into a bridal shower keepsake. Store bought or homemade, coordinate with your theme, add some props, and wait for the smiles!

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Chalkboard Theme

Choose a chalkboard theme for your bridal shower and decorate with

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