Cocktail Party

A cocktail party theme bridal shower, when held responsibly,
can be a fun and relaxing time for all. Definitely good as a "meet and greet" for any new guests, it is also a perfect platform for old friends to congregate.

Mini martini glasses

• There are all different locations for this type of event.
You can have it at home and hire a bartender. Many restaurants have private rooms you can reserve. There are also martini bars, and other venues that cater to this type of event

Start Your Cocktail Party Plans

• Your invitation can announce a good time. Have a drink silhouette, couples chatting, or any other design which would denote this type of event.
A fun idea for this theme is to make it a semi-formal party. Ask your
guests to dress accordingly.

Pick a Color Scheme And Decorations

• Cocktail party theme bridal shower paper goods and supplies will add color to your room, and often are the main decorations for this theme.

Some of the items you may need are:
• martini glasses
• coasters
• swizzle sticks
• bar set
• cocktail napkins
• appetizer plates
• appetizer forks
• party drink fountain
• Light up bar ware is a fun way to add touches of glowing color.
• you can always add balloons or flowers.

Choose Your Food and Drink

The star of your cocktail party theme bridal shower is your drink. How do you choose?

• You can select one type of cocktail, with several versions available. For example, there are all kinds of martinis being made. If she loves desserts, make a Godiva chocolate or white chocolate martini. If she loved the tv show "Sex In The City, a cosmopolitan is a great choice.
• You may also decide to have several different types of drinks.
Mojitos, pink ladies, Champagne cocktails, and bay breezes or sea breezes, are all girly options.
 • Find a signature drink to serve at your bridal shower from these delicious punch recipes.

• Set up a table with your bottles, glasses, and any garnishes that accompany the drinks. Make sure you have plenty of ice.

• Your  food can be hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, and snacks.
Choose hot, cold, or a mix of both. Make sure to keep items refilled.

• Finally, make it known that guests can have drinks without alcohol if desired.

Entertainment Ideas

• Music choices can be based on the guest of honor's favorites, the age range of those invited, and whether or not you think any of the guests will dance. Jazz, big band and swing are popular options. You can't go wrong with standards from:
• the Rat Pack
• Harry Connick Jr.
• instrumentals from Dave Coz
• Michael Buble'
• Tony Bennet

Girl's only entertainment idea: have some romantic comedy genre movies playing. Chick flicks like Sex in the City, Bride Wars, and Serendipity, are some of the suggestions.

Choose Your Favors

Other favor ideas include:
• cocktail napkins
• coasters
• individual drink mix packet
• set of stirrers

• Ideas for party food...

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