Bridal Shower Entertainment Ideas

Looking for some bridal shower entertainment ideas? Have you chosen some games, but want to plan an additional activity? Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that would appeal to the guest of honor.

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Look to your bridal shower theme if you have one.  Any theme-related hobby, for example gardening or photography, can have a talk or demonstration. Perhaps you know someone who would love to share their knowledge of a particular craft. Make sure it either ties into your theme, or is something the bride-to-be would enjoy.

Smaller Group with Active Participation

A small number of guests can receive individual attention. The following are suggestions for activities or entertainment that may be easier with a small group.

• arts and crafts...choose one that can be completed in one sitting
• board games...have enough available for the number of guests attending
• may need some props
• dance class-tell guests ahead of time if you want them to dress casually
• fortune teller...set a time limit
• guitar-singalong...choose some the guest of honor likes, if possible
• hypnotist...have a time frame
• karaoke machine...have a selection of songs geared toward your guests
• makeup artist...decide if you'll have time for one guest or all

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• make your own pizza...have all ingredients ready ahead of time
• manicurist...have enough chairs and tables for this activity
• mind reader...what is the allotted time per guest
• movie...choose one ahead of time, or narrow down selection
• pinball machine
• psychic...have a general time limit for guests to ask questions
•theme dvd...decide on this ahead of time

Unusual Bridal Shower Entertainment Ideas

Some of he following ideas are more common than others.

• boat ride...can be a short tour or a day trip
• card tricks
• celebrity  look-alike...choose someone the guest of honor likes.
• comedian...make sure this person is appropriate for all ages at the party.
• fire eater...check the safety aspect of your location.
• hayride...have guests dress casually
• helicopter ride
• impersonators...choose some of her favorites
• handwriting analysis...this can be a group demo or one-on-one
• magician
• mime
• mini golf
• murder mystery dinner theater
• professional organizer
• singer
• singing telegram delivery

Large or Small Group Ideas

The following can be geared toward large or small groups. Some can give interesting presentations, others are pure entertainment. 

• artist...can give a demo or actually give a lesson
• astrologer
• athlete...related to the theme or couples interests
• bartender...have a signature drink made
• beautician...this subject always appeals to women
• candy maker...
• chef...great for a kitchen or gourmet cook theme shower
• disc jockey...choose a playlist that is for guests ages
• florist...can demonstrate, answer questions, or help make an arrangement
• gardener...can talk about what's in season
• golf instructor...can give a lesson
• harp player...perfect entertainment for a formal bridal shower
• juke idea for guests
• live band...great for dancing
• masseuse...can explain benefits, and demo techniques
• pianist...can be used for a variety of themes
• pizza maker...learn from the pro
• professional organizer...basic but never boring, your guests will get some good tips
• wine for all girls or couples shower

Set a time limit for your bridal shower entertainment ideas. You'll want to have plenty of time for refreshments, gifts and socializing.

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