Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal shower etiquette covers all the "do's and don'ts" of a bridal shower. This event started as a celebration of family and friends with the bride-to-be. Guests brought gifts for the new couple to help them set up their first home. Bridal shower etiquette considered it improper for the immediate family to host the event, as it appeared they would be asking for gifts.

White bridal shower book where guests can sign and leave a message for the bride.

Traditionally, it has been the maid of honor's duty to organize the bridal shower, and the bridesmaids' duty to help with the planning. It is often still done this way. However, times have changed and so have some of the rules. It can now be given by anyone close to the bride-to-be. Couples showers are also a fairly new trend.

Bridal Shower Etiquette Basics

• When Do You Have a Bridal Shower?
One to two months before the wedding is ideal. Less than a month before the wedding is hard on the bride, and all involved.

• Should it be a surprise?
This is optional. If it is a surprise, make sure you're able to obtain a list of who to invite. Pick a day and time that is convenient for the bride-to-be.

• Is the bride or couple involved with the bridal shower plans?
This is a party thrown for the bride and/or the couple. Providing a list of family and friends, ahead of time, is the only involvement needed.

• Is it okay to use a party planner?
This is perfectly acceptable, if needed.

• What do you wear to a bridal shower?
You can dress according to the time of day, and the place where it will be held.

• How long does the party last?
Typically, it lasts 2-4 hours.

• Who pays for the bridal shower?
Those hosting the event. The amount should be decided ahead of time. It should be affordable for all involved.

Who And Where

• Who is invited?
Family and friends who are close to the bride.Bridal shower etiquette states that anyone invited, should also be on the wedding guest list.

• Bridal shower etiquette for invitations...

• Should children attend this event?
That's up to the hostess. The type of shower, and time it is being held, may also influence this decision. Often, children are in the wedding party. In this case, the guest of honor may want them there.

• Should any men be present?
Not unless it is a couples shower.

• Where should the party be held?
There are no set rules for location. Make sure the space accommodates the number of guests.

Guidelines For Gifts And Favors

• What is bridal shower etiquette for gifts?
A bridal shower gift does not replace a wedding gift.
Gifts for the bridal shower are usually less expensive than the wedding gift. Want to know more about wedding shower gift etiquette?

• Can I tell guests what gift to bring?
You should never ask guests for money. You can politely let them know where the couple is registered, or suggest a theme related gift.

• Must a gift be from the registry?
Gifts are the decision of the guests. Purchasing from the registry ensures that the gift is needed, but there is no obligation to do so

• Are favors necessary?
Favors are special mementos. They are nice and appreciated, but not required.

• What do I put on the tag of a favor?
Usually the name of the bride-to-be, and date of the shower.

Other Questions You May Have

• What about Thank You Notes?
Thank you notes should be handwritten, and sent within the week after the shower.

• Is it ever proper to have a shower after the wedding?
Yes, when a wedding had to be rushed for a legitimate reason,
such as an overseas job assignment.

• Should a hostess gift be given?
It is not required, but it is a thoughtful gesture by the bride or couple.

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