Bridal Shower Poems

Bridal shower poems are unique messages incorporated into the bridal shower plans. Comical or serious, they can be used on the invitation, during a game, or on the party favor. A poem can be used for the toast, and an appropriate one framed, makes a cherished gift.

This signature poster will be a special keepsake for the couple.

Friends may put together rhymes based around the party theme---beach, garden, etc. Those hosting often use them on the invitations to announce the theme. A simple poem on a banner around the room, can be a striking decoration.

*** Do you have any favorite poems for bridal showers? Share them!

Start Here

Bridal shower poems can be short and sweet, or more elaborate. You, or someone you know, may be a good writer. Ask around. You may be surprised at the talent you find. Two (three,or more) heads are better than one. Together, you may come up with the perfect saying.

To help the process, make a list of some of the good times shared with the bride-to-be. Do you have a special childhood memory? Start there, then add events through the years. If you met as adults, think about the traits or even hobbies that brought the two of you together as friends.

Add your own personality and memories of the bride/and or groom, for the perfect speech. It is easy create a unique piece for your bridal shower or any other part of your wedding plans.

Game Ideas For Bridal Shower Poems

• The following is a sample of a rhyme that has been used (and varied) through the years.  Hand out paper and pencils or pens, and let the competition begin!

Wedding Rhyme Game

5 points for something old,
5 points for something new,
10 points for something borrowed,
10 points for something blue.

If you exchanged  rings, and you're already wed,
You get 5 points for sharing your bed.
Now, add your jewelry, necklaces, rings, and such,
You get 1 point for each. How many do you have? Let’s see how much.
Next count your buttons, they're each worth 3, and another 3 for showing your knee (wearing a skirt or dress).

Now, all you ladies who have wedded bliss, you deserve 5 points for this.
He loves you so, he loves you not, minus 2 points if you haven’t tied the knot.
Roses are red and violets are blue, if you’re wearing flowers, then you get 2.

June is for brides, September is too, if you were married or engaged on either month give yourself 2.

White is for brides, Red is for love,
give yourself 5 points if you remember your first love.

This game is over, wasn't that fun?
Count up your points and let’s see who won!

Sentimental Gift Idea

• Sentimental bridal shower poems can be placed in a wish jar.

Gift shops are a good source of written sayings that might be just what you're looking for. Think outside the box. They can be geared toward :
• my best friend
• my daughter
• sister
• my cousin
• other special relation

Share below.

Have Any Favorite Poems for Bridal Showers?

Do you have a great poem or rhyme for a bridal shower? Maybe you received a gift with a sentimental saying you loved, an invitation with just the right words, or a favor with a funny rhyme. Maybe you write poetry. Share it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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It makes no difference if you’re family or friend, your love and support is treasured to no end. You’ve showered me with gifts, so now it’s my turn… …

A Basket of Candles 
A basket of candles for the new wedded pair In all different colors, for the two of you to share The White ones burn first They’re wrapped in white …

Bridal Shower Poem for a Candle Favor 
Inside this box you will find A fragrant candle to help you unwind. And when the candle's flame alights Remember the bride-to-be's delight. (Note: …

Bridal Shower Poem Not rated yet
There's nothing left to say On this fine, fine day. It's all been said again and again, Have a happy marriage, amen.

Shower Me Not rated yet
That special day of that special year, You showered me with gifts up to my ear. I appreciate the love and care you gave to me. So I'd like to say thanks …

Best Wishes Not rated yet
true hearts one love one life will always know true joy

Opening to a Bridal Shower Card Not rated yet
I hope your bridal shower is fun and exciting. Here's a lovely poem to make this card more inviting! (I love you Amy!)

Love Not rated yet
My love is like an ocean.

Tidal Wave Not rated yet
Love is like a tidal wave... There is no telling how much it can grow.

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