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Our bridal shower style party types take fashion as the inspiration.  We use dress, decor, desserts, and drinks to set the party tone.  Just as every woman has her own sense of style, every bride can have her own standout event.

Your bride's taste and the color scheme you choose are important. They determine the type of feeling you want the bridal shower to convey. The location and time of day can help set the mood, as will the invited guests.

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You are going to do a Cupcakes & Cocktails bridal shower style party. This is a simple concept that sets a chic atmosphere. Women generally like to have a sweet dessert with a beverage, and mingle. You can offer alcoholic and/or nonalcoholic options. You will have a matching color scheme display of cupcakes & cocktails at your bridal shower style party.

It would be ideal to arrange the cupcakes in a cupcake tower or tiered dessert shelves. You should also use clear-colored glasses for all beverages.  In addition, you may present the bride with a designer glass.  Then, use your theme's color scheme for cocktail napkins, small plates, and the table linens.
Guests are invited to dress in the fashion style that you select below.  Everyone is given a coordinating cocktail ring (like the floral stretch rings pictured) as a favor to wear when they arrive.  A cocktail ring is also given to the bride when she enters her event. It can be a special touch to give her a unique showcase ring as a stylish gift. The pearl and rhinestone detailing on the Maise flower above makes a great right handed accessory for the wedding day as well.

Bridal Shower Style Party Types

1. Classic Bridal Shower Style Party
This is a sophisticated formal event for someone who fits this personality type, or if you would like the bridal shower to represent these qualities.  Your decorating theme uses white, light blue, and royal blue/navy.

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Dress Suggestions
 ◘ clean lines
 ◘ crisp fabrics
 ◘ tailored
 ◘ simple
 ◘ cool colors
 ◘ white and blue
 ◘ silver jewelry or pearls
 Cupcake options
 ◘ angel food/french vanilla (white &/or blue cupcake wrapper)
 ◘ white cake/white icing tinted blue (blue &/or white cupcake wrapper)   

Cocktail Options
◘ champagne or champagne used as a base in punch
◘ white wine spritzers or a sparkling grape juice
◘ a signature blue martini
◘ punch that has a clear soda base

2. Romantic Bridal Shower Style Party
This is a posh girls gathering for someone who fits this description, or you would like the bridal shower to reflect this sentiment.  Your decorating theme uses a variation of pink and purple.

Dress Suggestions
◘ flowery dresses
◘ flowing fabrics
◘ anything with ruffles
◘ heart jewelry
◘ pastel colors
◘ purple and pink any shade

 Cupcake Options
 ◘ strawberry cake/strawberry icing (pink &/or purple cupcake wrapper)
 ◘ pink velvet/cream cheese tinted purple (purple &/or pink cupcake wrapper)

Cocktail Options
 ◘ rose' champagne
 ◘ blush wine
 ◘ pink lady
 ◘ cosmopolitan
 ◘ punch with a pink grapefruit juice, pink lemonade, or purple grape juice base

3. Dramatic Bridal Shower Style Party
This is an over-the-top social scene for someone who fits this category, or you would like the bridal shower to embody these images.  Your decorating theme uses red, black, and animal prints.

Dress Suggestions
◘ bold fabrics
◘ bold patterns
◘ animal prints
◘ chunky jewelery
◘ contrasting colors
◘ red and black

Cupcake Options
◘ red velvet cake/cream cheese icing tinted black (red, black, &/or animal print cupcake wrapper)
◘ devil's food cake/cherry icing or icing tinted red (black, red, &/or animal print cupcake wrapper)

Cocktail Options
◘ vodka & cranberry
◘ pomenqranitini
◘ cherry vodka & diet coke
◘ strawberry daiquiri

4. Bohemian Bridal Shower Style Party
This is a casual mellow bash for someone who has this demeanor or if you would like the bridal shower to radiate this vibe.  Your decorating theme uses warm shades of green and yellow, along with tropical prints.

Dress Suggestions
◘ sundresses
◘ long skirts
◘ natural fabrics
◘ warm and nuetral tones
◘ yellow and green
◘ gold jewelry or accessories

Cupcake Options
◘ lemon cake/lemon icing (green &/or yellow cupcake wrapper)
◘ pineapple cake/cream cheese icing tinted green (yellow &/or green cupcake wrapper)

Cocktail Options
◘ margarita
◘ frozen mojito
◘ banana daquiri
◘ tequilla sunrise

*** Style Tip:  A popular fashion trend is to have a monochromatic party. This means to have a party using all the same color. An example of this is showcased on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards has an annual "White Party" where all her cast mates were in attendance dressed accordingly.  You could do a "Classic White", "Romantic Pink", "Dramatic Red", or "Bohemian Yellow" bridal shower style party.

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