Bridal Shower Fashion

Bridal shower fashion is what you wear to the event. How you dress, will be determined by the type of party, if there's a theme, and the weather. Different areas of the country may also have their ideas of the proper attire for a bridal shower.

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A morning party may call for slacks and a top or sweater. A casual dress or sundress may work for a late morning or early afternoon event. A formal dinner may require something dressier.

Bridal Shower Fashion Questions and Tips

Answering the following questions and fashion tips, may help with your wardrobe choices.
• What time of day is the event being held?
In general, a party held in the morning or early afternoon is more casual than an evening affair.

• Where is the bridal shower being held?
Take into consideration the location of the event. Are you going to an exclusive country club,  someone's backyard, or the local pub? Dress accordingly.

• Is this a theme party?
The invitation may suggest you wear attire that goes along with the theme. Try to accommodate the request. The theme was picked as something the bride would enjoy, so your participation will add to the party's success.

• What if the invitation doesn't mention a theme or type of dress?
You may want to ask the hostess, or someone else involved with the party plans, if you aren't sure what to wear.

• What time of year is it?
The season and weather in your area of the country may influence the colors and patterns you wear. Most of the old fashion rules about color have disappeared, but you may still opt for seasonal attire.

• Are there any tips for seasonal attire?
Play up the colors of the season. Spring is the perfect time to wear soft pastel colors and delicate flower prints. Summer lends itself to bright colors, stripes, and vibrant floral designs. Fall brings the colors of leaves...deep red, gold, olive or forest green, shades of brown, and rust. Winter is a time for holiday hues of red and green. It's also the perfect opportunity for metallics, sequins, and sparkle.

• Will it take place indoors or out?

Consider taking a light jacket or sweater for a late afternoon or evening shower.

• Any additional suggestions?
Whatever the style, wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable.
Don't dress too over the want the attention on the guest-of-honor.

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