Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Favors

Are you considering do it yourself bridal shower favors? You may be a crafty person who enjoys adding your personal touch. You may be trying to save some money on this area of party expenses. Whatever the reason, homemade bridal shower favors are easy with the right supplies.

Flowers in your party color, and your choice of font, ink color, and label design will make these bridal shower favor boxes unique.

• Where do you start?
Your favors like every other part of your plans should relate to:
• the type of party you are having
• your theme, if there is one
• your color scheme.

Consider These Tips First

• Any tips before I begin?

• Make a sample to be sure you're happy with the idea you've chosen.
• Purchase extra supplies. You may make a mistake, or add
some extra guests. You don't want to have less than you need.
• Make them well in advance, especially if you have a large guest list.
• Ask for help if you need it. Have a "craft night" for anyone helping. This is a fun way to get the favors done quickly.

Choose A Container

These striped purse boxes filled with a treat is a cute bridal shower favor.

These DIY ideas will often start with some type of container. You'll have many options from which to choose.

• Use packaging for your do it yourself bridal shower favors that coordinate with your theme.

  Palm trees, purses, backpacks, corsets, suitcases, and watering cans are just some of the container ideas you can choose.                                                      

• Simple bags are an easy solution, and usually quick to complete.                               Some of the styles available are:

• Organza: these sheer material favor bags, come in several sizes, and a variety of colors. They have a drawstring ribbon for closing after you have filled them.

• Frosted film bags: these luminescent holders come with a soft rounded handle. They vary in size from 4"x3"x6", up to 16"x6"x12", and an assortment of colors.

• Paper bags: these come in a variety of sizes and colors, and have a twisted paper handle.

• Plastic gift bags: these are clear plastic bags. You may also choose one with a design. Fill bag, add a twist tie or ribbon, and you're finished.

• Candy wrappers: you can order your own personalized mini candy bars.  Beaucoup will let you create personalized bars with a design and saying of your choice. You can also order the labels only, to seal around candy bars you've purchased on your own.  

Favor boxes are an alternative to bags.
These containers come in various sizes.

• Cardboard: these come in solid and print designs. Shapes vary, and some have handles. They can be imprinted with the saying and design of your choice.

• Acrylic: round, square, and heart are just some of the shapes for this style box. Just fill with candy, and add a personalized ribbon!

• Small jars: these also come in all different shapes and sizes. Think baby food jars, perfume vials, small jelly jars, spice containers, or other holder with visual appeal.

• Tin containers are available in different shapes, including round, heart, and rectangle.
Just fill, and add bow and tag.

 Fill It

You've chosen your container, now you need to fill it.
Any small candies will be appropriate. Jelly beans, almonds, hard candy and mints, are just some of the choices available.

Custom candy is also a great choice.  Just add a special message or photo

Finishing Your Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Favors

Finish your do it yourself bridal shower favors with one or both of the following:

• Personalized satin ribbons will add the final touch. Add the name of the bride, or couple, and date of the shower.

• Bridal shower favor tags help make your favors unique. The shape can be rectangular, square, heart, round or whatever you think fits your theme. Adding the name and date, transforms an ordinary item into a special keepsake.

• More ways to make your favors special...

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