Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

Personalized bridal shower favors are souvenirs given to party guests. They have that "extra special" touch. If you're going to spend time and money on these items, put some thought into making them unique. The bride-to-be, and all attending, will appreciate it.

Cork coasters can be personalized with the name, date, and message for a thoughtful bridal shower favor.

Make any favor exclusive, by adding the guest-of-honor's name, and the date of the shower. Sometimes this is part of the gift, and sometimes it is done by the addition of a label or hang tag. Order these favors to your exact specifications, or make them and add the details yourself. 

Some Starter Ideas

Lip gloss

mint tins

water bottles


candy bars

cosmetic bags


key chains

book markers

picture frames

Memorable Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

There are other ways to make these items stand out.

• Choose a ribbon in the party or wedding colors to add a special effect. You can use one color or mix and match.

• Create a simple poem to go along with the party theme, and attach it to your item. You can also make a rhyme about the bride, bride and groom, bride and friends, etc. Whatever fits your specific situation.

• Does the bride have a favorite quote? What is her favorite song? Use words from these for inspiration. Put them on a paper and insert in a mini frame, or write them around the outside of the frame.

• Add a hang tag with  the guest-of-honor's name, and the date of the bridal shower.

• Attach a picture of the bride or couple to your party souvenir.

• Select an item that relates to their honeymoon destination. A bottle of wine for a country trip, suntan lotion for a beach getaway, or a gift with the name of where they will vacation, are all fun ideas.

• Stencil her initials on the favor bag or box. This quick idea can have a big impact.

• Give something that would remind everyone of her. It could be related to her occupation...a water bottle for someone in the health field, or a luggage tag for someone in the travel industry. Choose from favorite hobbies...a bookmark if she loves to read, or a kitchen gadget for someone who loves to cook.

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