Online Wedding Album

An Online Wedding Album is a website set up by or for the couple, anytime after the engagement. It will ultimately become a collection of photos and information...a storyline of this part of the couple's lives. Many of these sites are free. Some also have a small monthly fee. 

Canvas guest book for a wedding, that can be personalized.

Close friends and family might hear about this idea for the first time while attending the bridal shower. Let them know they can contribute. Then on the wedding day, they will have their digital cameras ready.

Most couples will hire a photographer for their wedding. This professional will ensure that the best shots of their big day are captured. While the bride and groom are busy with these important poses, they sometimes miss some of the fun candid moments. Sharing photos, taken by guests, helps to solve this problem.

How Does This Work?

• Visit is a site that has a variety of examples to see.
The couple will plan and make their own website through a series of simple steps. Then a variety of photos and stories can be added. Guests will be excited to participate in sharing their contributions. Often, photos will be submitted and accessible, the same day as the event.

*** Most sites now are also video capable. Many guests are fans of video. This lets them share their skill.

Benefits of an Online Wedding Album

• these sites are specifically designed for weddings events
• they are easy to use...guests don't need savvy                                                                   • guests can share their thoughts with the couple
• offers instant will be entered immediately.
• a custom url address for album makes it easy to locate.
• host controls photos and need to worry about any unwanted or inappropriate pictures.
• an unlimited amount of photos can often be uploaded to compile an online wedding album                                                                                                                                                • there is usually no limit to the number of guests who can contribute
• cost effective
• variety of pictures
• photos can be categorized
• comments can be made by guests
• lets bride and groom see any moments they may have missed
• allows those who were unable to attend the wedding or other events, to witness them firsthand
• appeals to the "Eco-friendly"
• lets everyone see the wedding from another guest's perspective
• low cost printing may be available
• convenient alternative to the instant cameras used in the recent past
• though meant to be mainly for the bride and groom, this is a fun experience for all users
• guests can RSVP easily...also update any change of address or phone number

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