Bridal Shower Cake Sayings

Bridal shower cake sayings are often an afterthought. However, the correct wording can turn a plain cake into a conversation piece. You want it to coordinate with the rest of your party atmosphere. It can be funny, sentimental, serious, or simply congratulatory. So, think ahead, and add it to the rest of your plans.

Saying on a bridal shower cake...all you need is love.

Look to your theme, the mood you've created, and the guest of honor's style. An elegant party would call for a simple inscription, or even a favorite quote. A fun theme calls for lighthearted bridal shower cake wording. Sometimes, depending on the cake decorating, just saying "Congratulations", or "Best Wishes" may be all you want.

General Bridal Shower Cake Sayings

• Best wishes Kim and Alex
• Congratulations Ethan and Teresa
• Future Mrs. Johnson
• Future Mr. and Mrs. Reed
• Good luck Emily and Peter
• Showers of happiness
• Showers of love
• Showers of good fortune
• A Shower of Good Wishes
• Wishing You a Life Showered with Love

 Theme Party Talk

Beach or luau:
• Sunny wishes for the future Mr. and Mrs.

Casino or card party:
• Caroline and Tom, the perfect pair
• You're two of a kind!
• The king and queen of hearts
• A pair of hearts.

Chocolate or dessert theme:
• Here's to a sweet life together!

• You're the star of the show

• Good things are cooking for the two of you
• You two measure up perfectly

• The perfect duet
• May you always make beautiful music together

• Fortunes of good luck
• Peace, love, and happiness are yours

• Wild times ahead
• May your life together be one exciting journey

• Tim and Jean are suited to a tee (golf)
• You scored a touchdown, Cathy and Jim (football)
• You hit a home run Sue and Dave (baseball)
• Three cheers for Jane and Jack (any sport)

Tea party:
• John and Mary are suited to a tea

• Bon voyage!
• May your life together be one great adventure
• Smooth sailing through life.

• Happy trails!

Wine and cheese:
• Cheers to the happy couple
• Salude
• Prosit
• Nastrovia

Have fun with your bridal shower cake sayings. It will be one of those "little extras" that add to your bridal shower.

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