Bridal Shower Bedroom Gift Ideas

Bridal shower bedroom gift ideas are items specifically selected to help decorate the  couple's special room. Typically, they will have a set style in mind. They will also tend toward a certain color scheme.

The hostess will often have this information. The couple usually register their wishes at one or more stores. If they haven't picked a definite pattern, stick with solid colors that they favor.

Suggestions For Basic Ideas

Some items can be considered a necessity such as:

• blanket...lightweight is a universal choice. These are typically covered by a spead or comforter but you still want coordinate with their colors.
• bedspread ...if they have chosen an expensive set with many pieces, this is a good igift to be given by the bridesmaids together.
• clock radio...match or complement their furniture style.
• comforter...only purchase one that was preselected by the couple, as this will be the focal point of their room.
• decorative pillows...choose these if they've already picked a pattern, or you know their exact colors.
• electric blanket
• lamp or lamps...these are a good idea, if the couple has already chosen what they want.
• picture frame...this is always one of the easier items to choose, and they are versatile.
• pillows...these come in all sizes and firmness, so check first what they want.
• pillow cases...extras of these always come in handy. Check their size and color.
• pillow shams...coordinate or match their pattern and style.
• sheets...make sure to buy the correct size.
• waste basket

Bridal Shower Bedroom Gift Ideas
With A Personal Touch

Bridal Satin Lace Robes

Suggestions of a more personal nature would include:
• luxurious bath robes monogrammed items always appear expensive, and make it special.
• lingerie...could be given by the bridesmaids, close relatives, or close friends
• perfume...make sure you know her/their favorite scent.
• lotion...this item could be part of a gift basket. This is also an item where it is good to know the type she would like.
• scented candles are great bridal shower bedroom gift ideas.
• slippers...this makes a nice his and her gift, as long as you know the sizes.

*** Keep in mind that the presents given for this room will be seen daily, and cherished for years to come.

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