Bridal Shower Kitchen Gift Ideas

Bridal shower kitchen gift ideas are any items the couple need for the kitchen when beginning their married life together. Traditionally, the best gifts to give are the necessary basics to help equip their kitchen. In many cases, this is still true. However, some couples are already established in a home when marrying, and may already have most of these.

Woman's black apron is personalized with the bride's new last name, for a unique bridal shower gift.

Knowing the couple's style and colors ahead of time, will be a big help when choosing your present. If you're stuck for ideas, ask the hostess if they have registered at any department stores. This will usually point you in the right direction. Though not always as glamorous as some other gift suggestions, these items will be greatly appreciated.

Bridal Shower Kitchen Gift Ideas To Consider

• apron - choose a fancy one just for the bride, or purchase his and her styles.
• blender - add some drink mixes for fun.
• cake pans - a decorating kit could accompany these.
• can opener
• canister set
• coffee grinder - add a package of her favorite coffee
• coffee pot
• cookbook - try to choose one that is specific to her taste
• cookie sheets
• cooking utensils
• crock pot
• cutting board
• dishes - you'll definitely want to know their pattern choice
• dish soap and scrubbers -dress up these items by putting in a plastic bucket with a bow.
• electric beater
• electric carving knife
• electric fry pan
• food processor
• food storage containers
• gadgets:funnel, grater, peeler, strainer
• glasses

More Suggestions

Tuscan style rooster kitchen utensil holder

• hot plates
• juicer
• kitchen clock
• knife set
• kitchen utensil holder
• measuring cups
• measuring spoons
• microwave
• mugs
• pie plates
• popcorn popper - add some popcorn
• pot holders
• pots and pans
• recipe holder - add some of your favorites
• salt and pepper shakers
• serving bowls
• spice rack with spices
• teapot - add an assortment of fancy teas.
• timer
• towels and dish cloths in solid colors or designs that go with their style
• toaster, or toaster oven
• wok

***  There are many other ideas. So, give it some thought, and you'll cook up some great presents!

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