Gourmet Cook Bridal Shower Theme

A gourmet cook bridal shower theme is a great idea for the bride who has an interest in the culinary arts. She typically enjoys trying and preparing new recipes. She's usually excited to visit the newest restaurant.

Cooking pot with glass lid for gourmet cooking.

Her leisure reading includes an assortment of cookbooks. Shopping trips typically include looking at the latest dinnerware and kitchenware. So if this describes your guest-of-honor, let's start cooking up some great ideas!

Choose a Location, Send the Invitations

Your party location can be:

• a private home

• a rented hall 

• a restaurant

If you have a small guest list, you may even decide to go to a culinary school for a demonstration, or class.

Your invitations can have a design that suggests the idea you've chosen, such as:

• a cutting board,

• a restaurant scene, or

• a fancy apron. 

Politely let guests know, if you'd like them to bring a theme related gift.

Gourmet Cook Bridal Shower Theme Decorations

"Just right" decorations ideas:

• use the colors the couple has chosen for their dishes and appliances

• Balloons, and streamers provide "wow" power, with minimal effort.

•Simple kitchen canisters filled with flowers are easy centerpiece ideas.

• Hang aprons and chef hats for added interest.


Have a live cooking demonstration.

• Games for your gourmet cook bridal shower theme.

"Made to order" music:

• selecting the bride's favorites is always a good choice.

• If you are having a meal from a certain country, you might add to the atmosphere by playing their music.

What's cooking for the main menu?

A great idea is to hire a personal chef, to cook on the spot, during the shower. Don't automatically assume this will be too expensive. The cost for this per person, may be more reasonable than a buffet or a sit-down meal. The chef will also be built in entertainment for your guests, who will watch and learn some great tips.

• If you are having a small group, fondue is a fun choice. You can also do this with a larger group, just make sure to have enough pots and seating for all.

• "Stir up" a delicious punch for your guests.

Gifts and Favors

Eco-friendly rubberwood chopping board.

Sizzling Gifts:
cutting board
• food processor
• knife set
• espresso machine
• cooking lessons
• gourmet food magazine subscription

Gourmet favors to go:
• jar of seasoning
• package of recipe cards
• an egg timer
• a cheese grater

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