Around The Clock Bridal Shower Theme

An around the clock bridal shower theme is  based on the 24 hours of the day. Each guest is assigned an hour, and asked to bring an appropriate gift specific to that time of day. It's a fun idea, and also practical.

 There are many ways to make this event choice a success. The lists below will show how to relate all categories of your party to your theme. So, start your countdown to a "timely" event.

Around The Clock Bridal Shower Theme Basics

• The location for this theme can be a restaurant, hall, or private home.

• Your invitations should include a brief description of the theme. Ask guests to bring a gift that could be used during the time of day they are given (this hour would change for each guest.) If you have a large guest list, several guests may be given the same hour. Let them know where the bride is registered, if possible.

• Timely Decorations:
One idea for decorations is to base them around timepieces...clocks, watches, kitchen timers, etc. Choose a color scheme for balloons, banners, streamers, and flowers. Then add the theme items throughout your room or rooms.
An alarm clock surrounded by silk or fresh flowers is an easy centerpiece idea.

• What about games?
Each guest has to write down something that would normally be used during her
assigned hour. Set a time limit. The guest with the most answers, wins.

• These bridal shower advice notes are a fun way for guests to participate in her special event.

Food and Fun

Numbered Menu: If you want to continue to reinforce your wedding shower theme, start each item's name with a number. For instance "2" layered sandwich.
Dessert can be a sheet cake decorated with a clock face.

• "Just in Time" punch recipes for your party.

Timely Music: you can continue your around the clock bridal shower theme with songs like
• Rock Around the Clock
• Time is on My Side
• Midnight Hour
• Two of Hearts

Gifts And Favors

Hourly Gifts:
Guests choose a gift that would be needed during their given hour.
• alarm clock
• pot
• utensils
• 10PM...satin sheets

Themed Favors:
• kitchen timer
• playing cards with a clock design
• novelty watch

• Do you need some gift ideas?

• Go Bridal Shower Ideas For You homepage.

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