Bridal Shower Bathroom Gift Ideas

Bridal shower bathroom gift ideas may seem limited at first. But there's much more to a bathroom than just towels and soap. The couple probably has decided how they will dress this room. It may coordinate with the master bedroom, or with another adjacent room. They may have chosen a totally separate color scheme.

A basket filled with bath essentials to be given as a spa gift.

Your invitation may have included where the couple is registered. This will often give you a good idea of their preferences. Scan the list and take a look at the items they've chosen.

Here Are Some Bridal Shower
Bathroom Gift Ideas To Consider

The following suggestions may give you some new ideas. Perhaps you will put together a pretty Spa or Relaxation basket filled with several of the items, below. Another idea is to add a monogrammed robe as the focal point of your basket, and then surround with smaller items.

Try to incorporate a unique container as part of the gift. For instance, you could use a waste basket that complements the colors they've chosen, as the holder. You could also select any type of organizer that could be used in the bathroom, as your base. An unexpected container often adds to the visual appeal of the present.

Let's see what the bride or couple you're choosing for, could use.

• Air freshening sticks, stones, or spray
• Basket with toiletries
• Bath oils
• Bath pillow
• Bath salts
• Body lotion
• Bubble bath
• Candles
• Candle holder
• Cleaning supplies
• Exfoliant
• Face wash
• Guest towels
• Hair dryer
• Hair products
• Hamper
• Hand cream
• His and her bath robes
• Hooks
• Lip balm
• Loofahs in varying sizes

More Suggestions For You

• Manicure set
• Moisturizer
• Mirror
• Night light
• Nylon pouf scrubbie
• Paper product supplies
• Pumice stone
• Relaxation or spa cd
• Shower curtain and rings
• Shower caddy
• Soap
• Soap dish
• Storage bins or baskets
• Sugar scrub
• Tissue holder
• Toothbrush holder
• Towel rack
• Towels
• Washcloths
• Waste basket

*** Whether you take a suggestion from this list or come up with a different one, your present will definitely be appreciated and used often.

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A spa robe or soap set are sure to be a hit.