Save Money On Your Bridal Shower

Are you looking for ways to save money on your bridal shower? A successful party doesn't have to put a strain on your finances. There are many ways to save money, and still have a great bridal shower. Check out these tips.

choclate coins for bridal shower favors

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Get Creative To Save Money On Your Bridal Shower

• Location...having a party at home, saves the expense of renting a hall. Other places to consider that may be free or cost effective are a community center, church or organization hall.

Make your own invitations. There are kits available that make this very easy, or you may have the talent to design your own.

Check your own can enhance any size area, at minimal cost, by using items you already have around your home.  Look for baskets, candles, and other theme items that would fit your party plans.

Borrow any extra chairs, tables, or equipment you need

Flowers...cut fresh from the garden, if possible. Purchase what's in season.

string lights for decorating bridal showers

Decorations....themed string lights add a festive look indoors and out. White mini lights can be used to accent plants, stairs, and shelves. Balloons are a great way to save money on your bridal shower. They add bursts of color at minimal cost.   

Tableware...if you're having a formal party, use your own (or borrow) dishes and silverware. Sometimes you can mix and match colors and/or patterns for a pleasing overall effect

If your party is casual, use paper plates, cups, and tablecloths. You'll find a variety of designs at affordable prices. Keep in mind that the design you choose will become part of your overall decor. Purchasing solid colors in quantity, is usually cheaper. You might also want to mix the two.

Food...make it yourself, or with help from others. You can also order platters from the local grocery store.

Cake or cupcakes...bake and decorate them yourself. Make sure to choose the bride's favorite flavors. cd's, or download her favorite tunes.

Assemble your own favors. Choose a favor that can be placed at each guest's seat, with a name tag. It will help to dress up the room, and then become their take-home gift.

Gifts...don't spend more than you can afford. If there is something the bride really wants, that is out of your price range, split the cost with several others.

*** Look to each area of planning for ways to save on your bridal shower.


Money Saving Tips For Bridal Showers

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