Bridal Shower Schedule

Preparing a bridal shower schedule for the day of the party, can be a lifesaver. Either mentally or on paper, following a step by step plan, will help things run smoothly. Use whichever way works best for you.

bridal shower to-do-list notes

 Whether you have the party at home, or another location, many of the basics will be similar.

So, if you're in charge, "take charge" with the following:

Itemized List For a Private Home

• Greet guests as they arrive. Allow at least a half hour of mingling before the bride-to-be arrives. This is also the time to offer drinks and snacks to the guests.
• Bride arrives and is greeted.
• Food is served. This may be a sit-down meal, a buffet, or an assortment of appetizers. A toast to the bride-to-be, or bridal shower speech is made, usually at the start of the meal.
• Your bridal shower schedule may include games to be played before the meal, after, or both.
• The guest of honor opens her gifts. A helper takes note of the gift and giver, and writes it down. It is nice to pass gifts around for all to see, if possible.
• The bride-to-be thanks the host, and guests.
• Free time for conversation.
• Hostess thanks each guest as they leave. Favors are given at this time, if they were not already given at the table.

Bridal Shower Schedule For A Restaurant

• Have place cards on table before guests arrive. Favors may also be placed ahead of time.
• Greet guests, personally, if possible. Plan to have at least a half hour of conversation time  before the guest-of-honor arrives. Drinks and snacks, or appetizers, may be offered to the guests. This may be done standing or seated, depending on the type of event you've chosen.
• Bride-to-be arrives and is welcomed.
• Guests are seated if they haven't been already.
• Bridal shower speech or toast is given.
• Meal or buffet is served.
• Games may be played, before or after the meal.
• Gifts are opened. Have someone take down the name of the giver, and gift given.
• Thank you's are said by the bride, to hostess and guests.
• Hostess personally thanks each guest. Favors are distributed, if they weren't left on at the table ahead of time.


Your bridal shower schedule is a general guideline. It may be altered with your individual situation. 

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