Bridal Shower Restaurant Questions

Bridal shower restaurant questions should be answered ahead of time. This will help with your planning. Since this will be one of your larger expenses, it will give you an idea where your budget stands.

Find out as much information as possible, about the location you are choosing. Even if it doesn't seem important now, it may save future stress. Be sure to know the answers to the  questions below:

Start With These Bridal Shower Restaurant Questions

• What size are the rooms?
Are you having a small gathering or a large affair?
The number of guests may influence where you have the bridal shower, and the type of room used.

• Is there adequate parking?
This is especially important with a large crowd. If the restaurant's lot is limited, is there other parking nearby? Do they offer valet service if needed.

• Are buffet and sit-down service both available?
If you want a large group individually served, can they handle this?

• What types of buffets do they offer?
Do they have an all cold, all hot, or mixed choice?

• How are sit-down meals chosen?
Are guests given a menu the day of the party, or do you choose entrees ahead of time?

• What is the amount of time allotted for the party?
Know how much time you are allowed for your event.

• What is the total amount including tax and gratuity?
If you are watching your budget, you want to know the total amount per person, after tax and gratuity.

• What deposit is required, and when?
Most locations will require a deposit to hold the date.

• What happens if you cancel the party?
In most cases, you won't need to cancel, but what happens if you do?

• Are you charged if guests stay longer?
What is the procedure if everyone isn't gone at the specified time?

Extras To Consider

• Are there any decorations?
Do they provide colored linens, fresh flowers, etc?

• Can you add any decorations?
Have your bridal shower restaurant questions about decorations answered. If you want balloons or a "Congratulations" banner, can you bring them? How far ahead of time can you put them in place?

• Are favors provided?
Depending on the restaurant you choose, they may offer favors at an additional cost.

• What if you want to have games?
Talk about this ahead of time.

• Does the restaurant have any entertainment?
Some sites have a piano player, jazz band, singer, etc. on certain days or evenings.
Would this work for any of the times you are considering.

*** Answering these bridal shower restaurant questions ahead of time, will make your plans go smoother.

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