Bridal Shower Catering Questions

Have bridal shower catering questions answered, before you book a caterer. This will simply your plans. It will also help show where your budget stands.

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Unless you are set on a certain company, it would be helpful to set up appointments with several businesses. If you've decided to have the bridal shower catered, make sure you know the answers to any of the following questions that apply to your situation.

Start With The Basics

• Are you licensed?
This should include health permits and insurance.

• Do you have a contract?
Look it over carefully.

• When is deposit due?
Most will want a down payment to book the date.

• Do you supply chairs and tables?
If not, you have to rent or bring your own.

• What does the cost per person include?
Is tax and gratuity included in the price quote you are given?

• Do you allow for a percentage of no-shows?
Someone usually gets sick or has a last minute emergency.

• What is your cancellation policy?
This is an important bridal shower catering question to have answered. It's unlikely that you will cancel, but know what you're responsible for, if you do.

Add Food, Drink and Dessert Facts

• What types of food do you offer?
You may want to see if they have a specialty.

• When and where is the food prepared?
Is it prepared onsite, or brought in?

• What is your charge for a buffet versus a sit-down meal?
Don't assume that a buffet is always less expensive. It may depend on the number of guests.

• Do you offer food stations?
You may want an omelet station for a brunch. Is this, or any other idea you have, possible?
• What do you do with any leftovers?

• Do you offer an hors d'oeuvres only or dessert only option?
You may decide this is the way to go.

• Can the caterer provide a bridal shower cake?
If they do, ask what your options are.

• If you decide to bring your own cake, do they charge to cut it?
Cutting charge per person will add to your cost.

• Do you have a liquor license?

• Is there an extra charge for the bartender?

What About Necessary Extras?

Paper tassel party garland inassorted colors.

• Do you provide linens, glassware, plates, and tableware?
If they do, do you have a choice of colors.

• What about flowers or decorations?
Do they provide any, or can you bring your own?
If you do this, how much time will you have. For example, can you set up the day before?

• Do you offer any music?
What are your choices?

Bridal Shower Catering Questions About Time Frame

• What is the time frame?
Do you have a choice of how long the event will last?

• How long do you need to set up?

• Is set up and clean up included in the price?
That can make a difference in your price quote.

• How do you charge if the party runs into overtime?
Can you pay for an extra hour ahead of time?

• Are you having your party at a restaurant?

• Party location ideas...

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