Bridal Shower Gift Registry

The bridal shower gift registry is a resource that couples use to preselect items they would like to receive. This list helps to simplify gift giving. They usually choose a variety of large and small items, in varying price ranges.

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Gift registries are available at most stores. A large department store may be selected by couples just starting out, as they need a variety of items. Smaller or specialty shops may be chosen to go along with the shower theme, or the couples interest. The couple may be registered at one, or more stores.

Basic Bridal Shower Gift Registry Facts

• How does a bridal shower gift registry work?
The couple sets up accounts at stores of their choice. They select items from the store inventory that they would like to receive. The guest looks up the couples name and/or date of the wedding. A gift is purchased from the list. The store then either removes the item, or marks it as "already purchased". This helps to avoid duplication.

• When does the couple set up their bridal registry?
Anytime after the marriage proposal is accepted. The sooner it is started, the more time guests have to select their gift. This list can be used for the engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding. It is also often used for birthdays and holiday gifts that may fall in this time frame.

• How do I know where the couple is registered?
The stores chosen are often included in the shower invitation. You could also ask the maid of honor, any family member, or a close friend.

• What is the price range of gifts?
The couple will choose gifts in all different price ranges. Guests should select a gift that fits their budget.
Expensive items may be purchased by more than one guest as a "together gift". Smaller items will often go toward the "Wishing Well" tradition at the bridal shower.

• There are only small items left to choose from, what should I do?
You can purchase one or several of them, then buy a coordinating gift.

More Questions You May Have

• What if I live out of town?
Most registries are now available online. A convenience for anyone, this is especially helpful for guests that live in another area of the state or country. Search for the store name. Their website will usually have a separate bridal shower gift registry category.   An alternative, if you don't use a computer, is to go to the store closest to you (if it is part of a chain), and they can help you find the couples registry. You may also call the store directly.

• What if I can't attend the shower, but want to send a gift?
By having the list available, you can purchase by phone or online. Most stores offer an option to send your gift. If this is a surprise bridal shower, send the gift to someone other than the bride, or just wait until after the party to send it.

• Am I required to purchase from the bridal shower gift registry?
It is not a requirement to buy a gift from the list. Many guests find this very helpful in choosing their gift. Some, however, look at this idea as asking for presents. They prefer to choose their own. Either is acceptable. It is up to the individual.

• Will more than one guest buy the same gift from the registry?
When you choose an item from the list, make sure the store personnel knows that you bought it. This will then show as "already purchased" if another guest is shopping.

*** It is a nice idea to have a keepsake book, on the day of the shower, to record all items received from the bridal shower gift registry.

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