Bridal Shower Gift Checklist

A bridal shower gift checklist is a written record of items received at the bridal shower. . There should also be a record of who gave the present, and any other pertinent information about it. The day of the party is usually busy and sometimes hectic. This will be a great help to the guest of honor, afterwards.

Black damask book for recording bridal shower gifts.

Make up your checklist ahead of time, or purchase a bridal shower gift book as a keepsake item for the bride. The day of the party, make sure to put it near the gift table. Have someone at her side, ready to fill in the details, as the guest of honor is opening her presents.

What's Included

 You should have the following information included for each invited guest:


Name of  giver:_____________________________________________

"Thank You" note sent:       yes_____

Bridal Shower Gift Checklist Tips

*** Keep in mind that the bride to be may have more than one shower.

When it comes time to write out the "Thank You" notes, it can sometimes be confusing. This is especially true if the event had many guests. Take the following steps at your party, and she'll thank you for it.

• When listing the items, there may be duplicates, so be specific. For instance, a set of green towels, versus a set of towels.

• Write down the givers full name, in case two people have the same first name. This is an easy mistake to make, that can be avoided.

• If a large item was given by a group of people, list all of their names. A separate thank you note should be sent to each of them.

• Sometimes packages are sent by guests who can't attend in person. Make sure to record these items, as a note of acknowledgement should still be sent.

• An extra special gesture, is to have all guests names and addresses down on paper. You probably have this list compiled from sending the bridal shower invitations. This simplifies the "thank you" notes for the bride.

• Some party hostesses pass out the "Thank You" envelopes to the guests. They then ask them to address the envelope to themselves. It is viewed that it will help out the bride, saving time, when she writes her "Thank You" notes. Some guests are used to this and think it's a great idea. Others don't agree. It's up to the hostess to decide what will work best.

*** The bridal shower gift checklist is a simple idea that can be a real time saver when it comes to writing the "Thank You" notes.
The less stress, the better!

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