Wedding Shower Supplies

Wedding shower supplies can stand out or blend in, according to the type of bridal shower you are having. Bold and bright, soft and elegant, or somewhere in between, you'll have many choices. Pick your theme, color scheme, and style of party, first. This will make the rest of your decisions easier.

Pink, green, white, and gold floral design paper plates. These are 9", and come 8 in a pack. The colors would be easy to accent with solid colors.

Do you want linen, or disposable tablecloths and napkins? You'll find both in a variety of solids and prints. What about the utensils? Will you use silverware or plastic?

Tips For Purchasing Wedding Shower Supplies

If you're having the party at home, check your own supplies first. You might be able to coordinate several different colored solid tablecloths. Don't be afraid to mix solids, and prints or checks, if it fits your theme.

• Some paper wedding shower supplies are designed specifically for this event. You'll find kits that include cups, plates, tablecloths, and accessories. There are also a wide variety of patterns and solids available that come in coordinating colors.

*** Silverware will be used at a restaurant, but if you're having it at home or renting a hall, you may want to consider plastic. It is colorful and disposable, for easy cleanup.

Tips For Home Parties

Are you  having a large crowd at your home, and want a more formal look? Consider the  following suggestions, even if  you're on a limited budget:

• You can combine several sets of plates by using solid colors in several shades of the same color.

• If you have two or three main colors, choose plates in each color, and mix them. An alternative would be to use one of these colors for the plate, one for the napkin, and one for the cup. Judge by what is pleasing to your eye.

• Use a set of plates with a design, and add additional plates using one or more of the colors in the design.

• Do you have all white plates? Use place mats underneath in a solid or print, which incorporates your party colors. This will make the white "pop".

• You can combine silverware patterns. Try and use the same style.

• Use your own tablecloths or borrow some.

• Purchase inexpensive material, solid or patterned, that complements your overall look. Use as your tablecloth.

• Choose a long narrow piece of material in a solid or print, and use as a colorful table runner.

Your wedding shower supplies will definitely play a big part in your party's overall appeal.

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