Starving Students Date Night Couples Shower

by Debi Carrillo
(Draper, UT USA)

My son who is just beginning dental school and will have many years of living on a strict budget, is getting married soon. So I thought it would be fun to host a "Starving Students Date Night" Couples Shower. I sent each invited guest a card on which they wrote really great Date Night ideas for my son and his soon to be wife, and then had them purchase gifts that would support their ideas. Such as a "Free Concert in the Park Night (picnic basket & blanket), Movie Night (tickets and gift certificate for popcorn & drinks), Dinner's on Us Night (dining out cards to their favorite restaurant), Stay Home & Cuddle Night (dvd's, popcorn, candy and soda in a reusable popcorn bowl, Star Gazing Night (blanket to lay on the ground & binoculars, & astronomy star chart for looking at the night sky) and last but not least, "Naughty High School Date Nite" (Skimpy high schoolish clothes & bubble gum with instructions to behave as if they just met and are going on their first date)

There are lot's of fun ideas and best of all, it gives these newlyweds low cost ways to have fun on their date nights without feeling too strapped on their student budget.

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