Right/Left Bridal Shower Game

by Sherry
(Beckley, WV)

Everyone sets in a circle. Wrap two or three gifts, (depending on how many guests you have) to give to two or three guests, setting in the circle. Tell the guests to listen closely, as you read the story below. Pass the gift to their left, whenever they hear the word "left". Pass the gift to the right, whenever they hear the word "right". Don't read this too slow. It will make the game much funnier as they try to keep up. Pass the gift in the correct order. Don't stop to let them catch up if they get confused. Let them figure that out themselves.
Whoever is holding the gift at the end, wins that gift.

_______ (brides name) knew right away that she had found Mr Right and the right date was set. Now seemed to be the right time to start so she left right after lunch and right to her mothers house she went. She left in such a rush that she left her to-do list right on the table. But there was no time to turn back. She knew she needed to get started right away to make sure nothing was left undone. With little time left to spare there is so much left to do. She ask her mother to write down an address list and she left to find the right invitations. On her way, she left a message at the florist and right into the bridal shop she ran.
Right in the window was the perfect dress. "Oh no, I left my checkbook right in the car." "Hold that dress, I'll be right back." With that done, she called Mr. Right and left him a message to call her right back. She left to meet the florist who had left her a message that they had the right flowers for her.
Mr. Right called her right back and said he left a message for the preacher to call him right back and he had just left work and would be right over. She left the florist and ran right over to met Mr Right. Right away they discussed what was left to do. "Who will be the right best man?" She left that up to
Mr Right. "I'll get the right maid of honor." Right away they started shopping for the right rings. With that done, the next stop was to order the right cake. Mr. Right could clearly see his future, Ms. Right, was on the right track. After a long day, all that was left to do was get right home to see if any
messages were left while they were out. "Lets call it a day". "Whatever is left to do, can be left until tomorrow." With a kiss, he left and she went right to bed.

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Apr 08, 2011
by: Ann

As a Girl Scout Leader for years, my girls always did the Right Family Christmas story for their gift exchange each year. My youngest daughter is getting married this year, and we were looking for some Bridal Shower Games. I came accross this game. It is a perfect a blast from the past. Her sisters were really excited about doing this. Can't wait till next week to see her expression when they play this game!

Thanks so much for sharing this.

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