Prizes for the games

by Jennifer
(Peru, IL. )

Assorted Prizes for Shower Games

Assorted Prizes for Shower Games

When I plan a bridal shower, I keep in mind the happiness of the bride. It is also important to make sure that the guests that attend the shower are satisfied. After all, these guests spend their time and money on the bride. They should be rewarded with a fun experience. Plus, the bride will get rave reviews from her family and friends about how MEMORABLE the shower was, even months and years after the shower date. One of the ways I make the shower MEMORABLE, is to make the prizes for the game as attractive as possible.

1. Ask the bridesmaids to pitch in $10 - $20 each for the cost of the bridal shower game prizes. You should have at least two prizes for each game that is played (in case there is a tie). Any left over prizes can be won by drawing a name, or by honoring a special guest that has attended the shower (such as the person who traveled the furthest to be there).

2. Have someone shop that is the most frugal and most creative. If you are not frugal or creative, select someone in the bridal party, a friend, or family member, that IS and ask them to assemble the prizes.

3. Have all of the prizes wrapped in clear (or see through) gift bags (available at most craft stores) so that the prizes are visable.

4. Have a list ready of the contents of each prize, so that the hostess (or person running the games) can EXPLAIN each prize BEFORE the games start. Then have the hostess notify the guests that when they win the game, they get to PICK their own prize! This will ignite excitement in the game, making the guests more apt to participate in the games and be more competative.

5. When a guest wins a prize, have someone record who won which prize. The bride will have something to write about in her "Thank you card" later to that particular guest. If you wish, you can also have someone snap a photo of the guest with the prize she has won, and include a copy of the photo in her "Thank you card".

Examples of "Prize Sets" I have assembled:
Popcorn Set - Includes popcorn bowl, popcorn kernals, popcorn oil, popcorn salt
Candle Set - Includes a variety of candles (large and small) in assorted scents
Baking Set - Includes a bake pan, brownie mix, spatula, oven mitt
Cookie Set - Includes a cookie sheet, spatula, cookie mix, frosting, oven mitt
BBQ Set - Includes BBQ cookbook, grill tools, grill mitt, apron, BBQ Rubs/BBQ sauce, marinades, grill seasonings
Party Game Set - Includes poker chips, (2) decks of cards, dice, board games
Scrapbook Set - Includes a scrapbook, assorted papers, scissors, glues, stickers
Alcohol Set - Includes coctail guide book, alcohol, drinkware, ice bucket
Muffin Set - Includes a muffin tin, muffin mix, oven mitt
Photo Album Set - Includes assorted photo albums (small and large)
Chocolate Set - Includes a variety of chocolate bars, cookies, snacks
Coffee Set - Includes a bag of gourmet coffee grounds (such as Starbucks), coffee mugs, creamer, sugar container

Be sure to keep the prizes within your budget. If you try to keep the prizes at $12-$15 each (including the basket and wrap), you can get some very interesting items. Find some great items in closeouts, discount stores and online.

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