Poker Night

by Kristi

Poker night is a good idea for couples. A lot of my friends both, men & women play Poker or are learNing. Texas Hold Em is on tv regulary. Participants are given 2 cards face down from the dealer. Then, there are 3 that will be turned over in the middle of the table. These are all community cards that everyone can decide to use. The rules & terminology must be clearly explained. Once that is done, all are in! Everyone could be given an engraved deck with the couples name & the date of the shower to take home. There are also picture decks available now (where a favorite photo can be used). Snack food & maybe some Country music would be on in the background. People could even dress up in a western theme, as cowgirls & cowboys if that idea suites the couple. It makes for a relaxed yet, competitve atmosphere. A special gift suggestion might be giving the poker set that was used as a pot for the winner! These can be purchased at several stores & they come with the chips for betting....Game on!

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