Pirate Bridal Shower Theme

A Pirate bridal shower theme can be entertaining for guests of all ages. It is also a fun couples party idea. If you're questioning whether this theme is just for kids, take a look around you. You'll see the pirate influence in clothing, stationary, jewelry...just about everything.

couple dressed in pirate attire

You will probably know whether your guest-of-honor will like this choice. If so, planning this party will be easy. There is so much available. Start with your own home...remember the pirates were scavengers!

Location and Invitations

pirate party invitation in a bottle

Send out a Pirate bridal shower theme invitation that announces your plans. A skull and crossbones, treasure chest, or map design will get the idea across. If you want to go all out, send them an invitation in a bottle.

Let guests know if you would like them to dress up in costume. Maybe you'll just have them dress casually, and give them a bandana and eye patch when they arrive.

An outdoor location works well for this theme, weather permitting.

Pirate Bridal Shower Theme Decorations

Props that can be used:
• maps
• treasure chests
• buckets and shovels
• sand
• coins
• jewelry
• parrots
• hooks
• eye patches
• shells

If you're outside, fill a kiddie pool with sand, and add hidden treasures.


A treasure or scavenger hunt is a great idea for this theme. Get creative!

• Games for your pirate theme party.

Any beach or adventure music will enhance this theme. Some favorites are:
• Beach Boys
• Jimmy Buffet
• Sublime
• Bob Marley

Pirate Party Food

Your pirate bridal shower theme menu can include:
• snacks of goldfish crackers and pretzels
• fish and chips
• jerk chicken
• Cold salads, tomatoes stuffed with chicken and/or tuna

• Turn a simple punch recipe for your pirate party into a special tropical drink by serving in a plastic coconut or pineapple drink cup. Of course if you're making something stronger just add "a pirate's bottle of rum".

• For your dessert use a sheet cake. Decorate as a treasure map, or treasure chest.

Gifts and Favors

embroidered canvas beach tote

Pirate Theme Bridal Shower Gifts:
• beach bag
• tropical drink set of glasses
• picnic basket filled with goodies

Pirate theme party favor ideas:
• Seashell candle
• Mini lantern with votive candle
• Pair of flip flops
• Tropical drink holder

• Choose from other theme ideas.

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