Lime Jello Party Salad

by Carole Miller
(FreeSoil, MI.)

I first made this salad for a church dinner right after we got married almost 50 years ago. I have had many compliments and people wanting the recipe. The original recipe did come from an old cookbook, but I have altered it over the years. I serve this salad every Thanksgiving (because my grown daughter requests it), and also at Easter time and other family get togethers.

I plan to make this salad for a bridal shower for my oldest granddaughter who is getting married on Oct. 8, 2010. We are having a bridal shower for her on Sept. 26th.

Melt 16 large marshmallows in one cup of milk on the stove. Be careful not to scorch the milk. Stir over low to medium heat.
Pour this mixture over one 3 oz. package of lime jello in a medium size bowl.
Stir together, until all the jello is dissolved, and then add 6 oz. of softened cream cheese. Mix together well. You can use an electric mixer for this.
Then add one #2 can of undrained sweetened crushed pineapple. Stir well, and put in refrig until it starts to thicken (about an hour).
Whip half pint of whipping cream and fold in one cup of the whipped cream along with 2/3 cup mayonnaise and put in refrig until set.

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