Huephoria Painted Martini Glasses

by Jessica
(Fayetville, NY, USA)

LIMPET Martini Glass bridal shower favor

LIMPET Martini Glass bridal shower favor

Give a bridal shower favor they'll remember.
I am more of a wine fan than I am a martini fan which is why I personally love the unique wine glasses. However, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the hand-painted wine glasses that Huephoria offers, they also have hand-painted martini glasses. This way, if you are looking to spice up the bridal shower a bit with the strong stuff, Huephoria has you covered!!!

Just like the wine glasses, they are made from hand-blown glass and come with a unique hand-painted ball built right into the stem. There are about 30 different themes to choose from which is why I like them. If I'm going to have people over and I have a mixed set, I can make sure nobody steals my drink! Sweet! Also, like the wine glasses, they are dishwasher safe and come individually packaged in a fun, descriptive box that makes it easy to give them as a gift.

You can shop for Huephoria painted martini glasses online from their homepage at or go directly to their martini glasses subpage at

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