How I Built This Website

Wondering how I built this website?
Like me, you may have thought about starting a website. Way back in 2004, the internet was growing at a rapid pace.  I felt it was definitely the future, but I wasn't very tech savvy. I didn't know much about building a website or getting traffic. I kept asking myself "how do I get started". More importantly, " how do I get online and stay online, safely".

I looked into different companies. Many offered an "instant business" with a free website and cheap hosting. Most sounded too good to be true. They were. Others were legitimate, but very expensive...and still didn't compare to Solo Build It

First I Did My Research

• Click here, to watch an informative video on Solo Build It.

I guess I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, until I found it (sometimes ignorance IS bliss!). The perfect answer for me was Solo Build It, a product of Dr. Ken Evoy. It is how I built this website.  They take care of the hosting and technical parts, while I concentrate on my bridal shower business.

From day one, they made customer service a priority. It hasn't stopped, it's gotten better.

SBI Is How I Built This Website

• To read about Solo Build It Features, go here.

• They have an unbelievable amount of resources. If you have a question, you WILL find the answer.

• an Action Guide to first time website owners an easy path to follow, and  a great chance for success.

• A great staff...I have had quick response to any problem small or large from day one.

• Major colleges and universities teach SBI as a course.

• Monitored forums where most questions are cheerfully answered. This is  the place where members old and new, generously help others.

• Take a look at the success stories...probably of most interest to me as I started out ( and I'm assuming you, too), were the results of others. Many SBI website owners have stayed with this company for years, like I have. Many have more than one website.

If you want to build a business, and not just a website "hanging in space", take a look at SBI. Compare it to anything else you find. Then,

• If you still have any questions, go here.

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