Food Presentation

Bridal shower food presentation is displaying your food in a way that is appealing to your guests. This is often overlooked. There are many simple ways to add to this part of your bridal shower plans. So, put some thought into how you serve the food.

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Food Presentation Ideas

•  Make it colorful. A variety of colors always looks nice. If you have a choice,
select and display foods that are colorful.

•  Rolling cold cuts, instead of leaving them flat, is more attractive. Forming a spiral design, often works well. Adapting to the shape of your serving platter, is another option to
 create an artistic look.

•  Having a buffet? Slice meat ahead of time.

• If appropriate, have someone carving meat to order.

•  Fruits or vegetables can be sliced and used as garnishes. Decorate individual and serving plates with these items.

•  Use cookie cutter shapes for tea sandwiches, or any appetizer that would be adaptable. You might find some that reinforce the theme you've chosen.

•  Toothpicks are typically used with appetizers. Choose colored or themed tips to add to the look.

•  Herbs can also add a splash of color.

•  Choose plates and tableware that complement your decor.

•  Select serving dishes that enhance your theme. For example, if your theme is elegant, use crystal.

•  Use baskets, if they apply. Color, shape, and size can add to your overall look.

•  Fondue pots or chafing dishes often add to the atmosphere.

•  Turn a watermelon into a basket, by cutting in half and carving a handle. Fill with fruit.

•  Any dessert that can be put in parfait glasses is always attractive. Layer colors for an added effect.

•  Use ice sculptures. Pick one with general appeal or choose one that relates to your theme.

•  Sprinkle colored sugar on cookies.

• Add interest to any buffet by writing the name of the food being served, and put it in a mini frame behind each dish. Get creative...choose frames in the party color, or theme, to add to your decor.

•  Add chocolate curls to dessert plate when serving.

*** Be creative with your bridal shower food presentation.
Its the extra little touches that often make a big difference.

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