First Time  Bridal Shower Theme

A First Time Bridal Shower Theme is a fun way to equip the bride to be, or couple, with problem solving items they may need during their first year together. There are many occasions that can be used...some are serious while others are just for fun.

Black lantern made of metal and glass holding a tea light.

So, think what typically happens throughout the year. You will have plenty of ideas for your theme. Some examples are listed below, but you you may come up with others to add to the list.

Location and Invitations

• A private home, restaurant, or hall, are all options when choosing a location for this theme. This is often decided by the number of guests. It can be held inside or out, depending on the weather and time of year.

•  Your invitations for this theme can be a traditional bridal shower motif. You can also choose a simple design that reflects something to do with your theme.

• You can assign a different "first" to each guest. Request that they bring a gift related to their category, and some advice on dealing with their particular area or situation.

• You could also explain the theme to your guests. Then, let them decide what to bring

First Time Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Here are just a few, you're sure to think of more:

• first time the lights go out...they'll need candles, flashlight, etc.
• first time they entertain...napkins, glasses, serving bowls
• first holidays...Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.
• first fix-it, nails, hammer
• first night apart... book, journal, dvd
• first home cooked meal...pots, pans, measuring spoons
• first attempt at gardening...outdoor tools, seeds, pots, a hose


• First Time Bridal Shower Theme decorations can be based around a color scheme, or any subject the bride favors.

Remember bridal shower tableware, such as:
• tablecloths
• plate
• napkins
• utensils
• cups.

 Fun and Games

Toilet paper rolls for bridal shower dress game.

• Calling all fashionistas! This toilet paper game will have teams competing for best bridal dress design. You set the amount of time for this activity. Guests love it.

• Choose music according to the time of day, place you're having it, and the bride's taste. This is one of those themes where it can be lively or toned down.

Favor and Gift Ideas

Continue your theme and base favors on one or two of your "first time" categories. 

• package of hostess napkins relates to the "first time entertaining" theme

• a candle signifying when the lights go out

• Christmas ornament...first holiday

• measuring for guests

*** Add a hang tag with the name, date, and a saying with how the favor relates to the theme.

Gifts: as stated in the invitation section, a theme gift can be requested. Guests can always decide to choose something different if desired.

• Need more bridal shower theme ideas?

• Go to First Time Theme, to homepage.


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