Drop-In Meet and Greet Bridal Shower Theme

by Halie Jones

Because my Nephew's fiance' was from out-of-state, not many of our friends had met her. As both maternal and paternal grandmothers attended the same church, and had many friends in common, we decided to have the Drop-In bridal shower theme in the church Social Hall. Because we were introducing her and her mother to everyone, we didn't want to play the usual games, but wanted people to "visit" and mingle. In lieu of the usual cake, we wanted a simple, light, afternoon treat. And decided to serve "Make your own" Shortcake. We had homemade pound cake slices already on the plates, and provided chopped strawberries, peaches, and blueberries so that everyone could create their own bridal shower dessert. The piece`de resistance was the real, home-whipped cream mounded in a cut-glass bowl. The younger generation of guests had never experienced real whipped cream, as they had all grown up eating cool-whip or the canned variety. I caught several, eating just the whipped cream. Everyone talked and mingled and made our new niece-in-law feel part of the family.

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