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Are you looking for some bridal shower dessert ideas other than cake? Maybe the bride-to-be doesn't like cake, or is trying hard to stick to a strict diet. Maybe she has some special dietary needs, that must be followed. It's okay to have another type of bridal shower dessert.

Does the guest of honor (or couple) have a favorite dessert that she's always raving about? Surprising her with this idea may be the perfect choice. Keeping in mind your bridal shower theme, and party colors, coordinate your dessert to go along with the rest of your plans.

Colorful Dessert Ideas

Mixed plate of cookies and brownies.
Coordinate with your party colors:

•  brown: from plain to gourmet, brownies are always a favorite choice
• pink: watermelon...use a whole one, cut into a basket shape with handle, and fill
• blue: blueberries and whip cream, blueberry pie, or tarts
• yellow: lemon merinque pie, lemon squares, banana cream pie, bananas
• orange: papaya slices, creamsicles, orange smoothies
• red: cherries, cherry pie or tarts, strawberries
• purple: add violet food coloring to whipped cream. Serve over fruit cup.
• green: apples with cheese slices, pears, kiwi
• jello comes in a variety of colors...serve with whipped topping.


Theme Party Treats

Coordinate with your party theme:
• cream cones, sherbet, cookies
• Bed and breakfast...scones, apple pie
• Casino...assorted cookie tray, cannoli
• Fall...caramel apples
• Fiesta...flan
• Hollywood...chocolate mousse, bananas foster
• Honeymoon...chocolate covered strawberries
• Kitchen...cinnamon buns, apple pie
• Luau...pineapple chunks, mangoes, nuts
• Oriental...fortune cookies and ice cream
• Romantic...chocolate fondue with fruit, creme brulee
• Sports...fruit plate, chocolate chip cookies
• Tea party...scones, fruit tarts, sugar cookies
• Western...roasted marshmallows, s'mores
• Wine and and cheese slices, nuts

Other Creative Choices

Fruit, pudding, ice cream, and drinks:
• Fancy drinks such as a chocolate martinis or mudslides
• Specialty coffees...cappuccino, espresso, or lattes. Serve with whipped cream.
• Make your own sundaes with ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries
• Rent or buy a chocolate fountain, and serve with fruit
• Pies made with fruit in season
• Pudding parfaits can be made by layering different colors of pudding. Top with whipped cream.
• An assortment of nuts and cheeses. The presentation can make this very appealing
• Go light with fruit trays. Serve a variety of fruit in season, or assemble fruit cups.
• Yogurt served with fruit. You can use plain or flavored yogurt.
• Cottage cheese accompanied with fruit.
• Chocolate or vanilla mouse is a sweet alternative.


Possibilities are endless.

Give your dessert some extra thought, as it will be on display. Keep in mind, that whatever look you choose, your guests will remember the presentation.


• Build your theme around this idea...

• You may want to add a candy buffet...

• Cupcakes can be fancy or fun.

• Cookies come in a variety of designs

• Go from dessert ideas, back to Bridal Shower Ideas...


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