Bridal Shower Towel Cake

A bridal shower towel cake is made of an assortment of tiered towels that have been artfully arranged. Next, gift items are inserted into each layer. The final touches are always decorative, and often  useable.

This unique gift is a simple idea that usually appears very elaborate. It is definitely one of those items that can serve a dual purpose, as a decoration and then a take home gift. It is often used  as a centerpiece sitting on a serving platter or tray for extra interest. If you plan to do this, keep the color scheme of your party in mind.

Start By Choosing Your Main Ingredients

A bridal shower towel cake can be made in all colors. For a striking effect, choose bold colors, then add contrasting ribbon and trim. For an elegant look, use all one color for base and trim, then insert your gifts. An extra special idea is to use a monogrammed style.

If you'd like to make your own, start with the following  "main ingredients":
• 2 bath towels
• 2 hand towels
• 2 wash cloths

Then follow these steps:
This is the bottom layer.

1. Lay all items out flat. Fold twice lengthwise.
Roll bath size tightly in a coil. Pin the second bath towel to the first, and continue the coil.

This is your second layer:

3. Now roll first hand towel, tightly. Pin the second to the first, and continue rolling. This is your second layer.

This is your top layer.

4. Roll, pin and coil both wash cloths

"Cake Decorations" the fun begins!
5. Choose some or all of the following:
• Ribbon
• Pearls by the yard
• Silk flowers

Fill Your Bridal Shower Towel Cake

Depending on the type of bridal shower or theme, you can insert small items around the outside layers into the towels to achieve a very personalized look.

Some choices are:
• decorative colored or shaped soaps
• votive candles
• hand or body lotion
• set of measuring spoons
• flavored coffee or tea packets
• pot holder
• themed items

*** Remember to secure items in the towel layers. Some items will be able to be inserted into the "pocket" of the towels. Others can be pinned in place. Never use glue.

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