Bridal Shower Speech

The bridal shower speech is a tribute given to the bride during the party. It is not required, but it is a nice gesture. Guests will also enjoy this special idea.

When composing this honor, start with a rough draft. Then, fill in the outline. There are also professional sources you can find to do this.

The Basics

The following are frequently asked questions that may help with your plans.

• Who gives the bridal shower speech?
It is often given by the maid of honor, but may also be given by a relative or close friend.

• When is it given?
It may be given at any time that seems appropriate. This will  vary with the type of event you are having. A formal party will often have this at the start of the meal. An informal event might have it before the cake is cut, or while the gifts are being opened.

• Is it always a formal presentation?
It can be adapted to your affair. It can be anywhere from casual to very formal. Even at an informal event, you might want to have a serious tribute. Adding a comedic twist can work well at any event, as long as you keep it tasteful.

• What format is used?
There is no set format. You may decide to give a regular speech, which often has a serious tone. You can deliver it in a song that relates, or create a poem that rhymes. You might also put together a short or long story including jokes.

What's in a Bridal Shower Speech?

• What is included in the speech?
The presenter can choose how to personalize the piece. A best friend will most likely have a different take on this person, than the aunt will.
Some of the ideas used can include:
○ how the speaker met the bride                                                                                           ○ how long have they known each other
○ qualities of the bride
○ quirks of the bride
○ ways the couple are alike
○ ways the twosome are different
○ how her fiance has changed her...more organized, more easy going, on time, etc.
○ how she has changed her fiance...calmer, introduced to her cooking, travel, etc.
○ advice for married life...this can be one line, , a paragraph, or the whole presentation, like a "roast"

• Other special touches to add to your event.

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