Bridal Shower Shadow Box

A bridal shower shadow box is a unique collection of assembled memorabilia from the event. It helps tell a mini story of the occasion. Anything to do with the shower that creatively fits in the box you've chosen, can be added.

Wood shadow box and unity sand set is a great keepsake gift.

It can be made ahead of time, and given as a gift. It could also be used as a centerpiece or table decoration, then given to the bride-to-be to take home. Either way, this is truly a special keepsake.

Ideas For A Bridal Shower Shadow Box

• What is a shadow box?
It is a case enclosed in glass. It looks like a picture frame when looking at it straight on. It has depth to it so that dimensional items will fit inside.

• How are they constructed?
These are usually made of wood  or hard plastic with a glass front. The glass may slide open from side to side. Some of these items are hinged, and lifts open.

• Where are they found?
They are typically sold at craft stores, and online.

• Personalized Shadow Box and Unity Sand Ceremony Set is a great gift idea that will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

• What memorabilia should I use?
The following are some suggestions:
• the bridal shower invitation
• a picture of the bride or couple
• photographs of memorable times with family and/or friends
• a sample napkin from the party
• any themed item used at the bridal shower
• silk flowers in the party colors
• lace trim
• card
• party favor
• poem
• words of wisdom

• How do I assemble the bridal shower shadow box?
Generally, play with the items until they are pleasing to the eye. They can be angled, and also stacked, if necessary. Some shadow boxes come with Velcro pieces. This makes it easy to place items. Other methods include using straight pins, glue, or hot glue to hold keepsakes in place.

• Any other ideas?
Besides using bridal shower items, you can also make a gift using the party theme. For example, if it is a garden theme party, assemble gardening items like a pack of seeds, gloves, etc. You can personalize this further, by adding the name and date of the shower.

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• Other special touch ideas...


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