Bridal Shower Ice Breaker

by Amanda

I have a really great starter or ice breaker for a bridal shower where most of the guests don't know each other. Sometimes that happens when you have families of the bride and groom that live out of town and have never met each other. Anyway, I call this game the "Ice Breaker!" One at a time, each guest has to stand up and say their name and something that they like that begins with the first letter of their name. Such as, "Hi, my name is Maggie and I like maple syrup." The catch is that as the game goes on, each guest not only has to say her name and what she likes, but also the name(s) of each guest that stood up prior to her. Example: "Hi, my name is Linda and I like lollipops and her name is Maggie and she likes maple syrup." As you can see, this game will get crazy and everyone will be laughing out loud. It's a lot of fun to play. I have played it at a couple of showers and it was very fun. You're sure to remember everyone's name by the end of this game, especially the last person!!! Have fun playing this one.

Wishing You A Great Bridal Shower,


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