Bridal Shower Food Tips

Bridal shower food tips will help simplify your party plans concerning your menu. These are hints that will make your task a little easier. You may already be aware of some of these ideas, but even one new tip, may save you time or money.

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Try One Of These Bridal Shower Food Tips

• Buy in bulk whenever possible. This typically will give you the greatest savings.
• Choose fruits and vegetables in season. Fresh items can add color, and great taste to your menu. It will also help you stay within your budget.
• If possible, select items for your meal or appetizers with a variety of colors. This always add extra visual appeal.
• Finger foods are often easier to handle. Make sure to have decorative picks if needed.
• Always have a stack of extra napkins available at each table that serves food. Definitely plan on more than one napkin per person, especially if you are serving appetizers.

Some Serving Ideas

• A lazy susan can be used in several ways, if it fits in with your style. It will often save space, as you can serve several items on the same plate. Guests can turn it, to take what they need. You can also use it for tableware, condiments, snacks, etc.
• Use a tiered plate holder to save space while adding to visual interest. These can be found, reasonably priced, in a variety of designs to go with any decor. They also come in paper, plastic, glass, ceramic and china. So, choose one that matches your party style.
• There are serving trays with ice holders underneath, that help keep appetizers and condiments chilled. These work well, if items will be sitting out for any length of time.
• Set out toothpicks to be used with appetizers. There are many available with a design at one end, to complement your theme.
• Use warming trays to keep food hot.
• A great bridal shower food tip, is to place items in the order they would be used. For instance, plates first, meat then gravy, etc. It is usually easier to pick up utensils last.
• Use small signs or labels to describe foods on a buffet table.
• Have several food stations set up, if it fits your menu.

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