Bridal Shower Favors For Men

Why would you need bridal shower favors for men? A mixed guest list is becoming more common. Sometimes the guests are part of a couple, and sometimes single male friends are invited as part of the group. Either way, separate favors though not required, are being considered.

This Bar Tools Keychain will be well received by male guests at your event.

You may know the invited male guests well, or you might not know them at all. Keep in mind that when you choose favors for the women, you're still relating it to the bride or party in some way. You can do the same for the men.

Choosing Bridal Shower Favors For Men

The following ideas may be helpful:

• First, most men won't even be expecting a gift item. So, whatever you choose they will be happy.

• Consider your budget. Usually whatever you spend on the women's favors, will also be spent on the men. There are some cases where the women's souvenir is more expensive. Don't stress over making the amounts equal, as long as you are happy with both gift ideas.

• Look to your theme. This can help you narrow down your choices right away. A practical gift, that goes along with your theme, will be appreciated. The Bar Tools Keychain Favor in the image above is a good example of a practical theme gift.

• Decide by your party colors. Choose an item in one or more of your party colors. If you can't find anything in the colors you've chosen, add a ribbon, bag, or paper in those colors, if necessary.

Pick bridal shower favors for men by choosing something that they will relate to the groom. This doesn't necessarily have to be a part of the party theme, or colors. For instance, if the groom is a big Eagles football fan, how about a sports team key chain?

• If you know their hobbies, give something that they can use. For instance, golf balls for the golfer, a water bottle for the fitness buff, or a multi function pocket knife for the outdoors man.

• Choose an item that can be given to everyone male or female.
For example, a bottle of barbecue sauce for an outdoor theme, sunscreen for a beach theme, or a cd for a decade music theme party.

• Personalized playing cards  can be designed just for men, or with a design that has general appeal to men and women. These are a favorite choice.

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