Bridal Shower Colors

Choosing bridal shower colors will be one of the first things you do. You may select the bride-to-Be's favorite colors. Often, these are the colors she has chosen for her wedding. Or, you might pick a theme that uses shades that are totally different from the wedding colors.

colorful paper lanterns are beautiful bridal shower decorations

Color will enter into all areas of your plans. It will affect the look and feel you are trying to achieve.
Invitations, flowers, decorations, party favors, tableware, gift wrapping, and even your menu, will be influenced by your selection.

Colors affect our mood and emotions...sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. They are also symbolic. Their symbolism varies from culture to culture, so you may need to take this into consideration.

Bridal shower colors, their meaning, and mood.

• Red denotes excitement, energy, and passion. It symbolizes love, desire, and all things intense and passionate. It draws attention.

• Pink symbolizes romance, love, and excitement. Soft pinks can be soothing and feminine. Bright pinks are fun and energetic.

• Ivory is calming, soft, and warm. It can stand alone or unify other colors. It shows simplicity, and often conveys understated elegance.

• Yellow is for happiness, cheerfulness, and fun. It creates a friendly atmosphere, encourages communication, and stimulates appetites.

• Blue is calming and peaceful. It stands for harmony, tranquility, and truthfulness. Most people like some shade of blue.

• Turquoise is calm and refreshing, with a feminine feel. It can also produce a tropical mood.

• Teal is a darker blue/green. It has a sophisticated look, and appeal.

• Purple is the color of royalty. It has a strong, mysterious quality.
• Lavender, a shade of purple, is a soft feminine color.  It has romantic and elegant presence.

• Orange is happy, energetic, playful, and warm. It encourages socialization, and activity.

• Green is the color of life, nature, fertility, and wealth. The natural greens can be serene and refreshing, while chartreuse is more lively and warm.

• Brown can be outdoorsy, simple, and comfortable. It can also convey a stately richness and tradition.

• Gray is an elegant neutral color. that conveys balance and sophistication. It is often a formal, conservative color.  Charcoal gray is dark and dramatic, with a touch of mystery.

• Silver denotes security, reliability, intelligence and conservatism.  It can be sleek, modern, even high tech, or have an "old world" feeling of tradition and riches. 

• White is soft and pure. It can be used alone, or easily combined with other colors. It can also be used for a bold look.

• Black is formal, elegant, and stylish. It is a classic, that can add sophistication to a room.

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