Bridal Shower Clip Art

Bridal shower clip art is any design, image, or artwork that can be used for your party planning. It is often obtained from a cdrom collection, or downloaded from the internet. Originally, clip art was artwork from paper books that was actually cut, or "clipped", from the page. It was then pasted onto the layout. That's how it got its name.

bridal shower scracth off game with ring design

You can use the obvious clip art images for a bridal shower, such as an umbrella, wedding bells, rings, or flowers. You may also decide to use designs that go along with your bridal shower theme. For example, a beach chair, flip flops, sun, or towel, would work well with a beach theme.

Bridal Shower Clip Art Tips

Bridal shower clip art can help coordinate all areas of your planning. You can use the same image, or mix and match different images on a variety of items. Use your party colors to pull the look together.

Here are some suggestions of how to use your images:
• the main picture on your invitations could be a hint of what the party will be like. It's easy to find theme-related images, or traditional shower ideas.
• a decorative border on your invitations can dress up a simple design.
• add next to guest's name on place cards...this is a simple touch that works.
• use as a repeating border around banners...this will bring a large room together, or help coordinate several rooms.
• add as the main design on banners...this will also connect your room plans.
• use in all centerpieces...another way to unify the room.
• use to decorate favors...this will help to personalize your ideas
• use on favor hang tags...print out your image and make your own, by adding the name of the bride and date of the shower.
• enlarge, and use as table, wall, or hanging decorations...a simple and inexpensive way to make an impact.
• use on gift bags...whether it's for the bride's gift or for favors, it will be unique.
• add to plain wrapping paper...make a simple gift extra special.

You can find many sources of free clip art on the internet. You may already have a cd or book that has some. Check the terms of use. Then adapt to your party plans.

*** Once you get started, you'll have fun coming up with different ways to use the designs.

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