Bridal Shower Barbecue Gift Ideas

There are many bridal shower barbecue gift ideas to consider. If you are attending an indoor party, you might not be thinking of purchasing something to be used for "outdoor cooking". However, these items make great gifts.

Barbecue party paper plates for your outdoor themed event.

Some areas of the country permit outside dining throughout the year. Those with seasonal changes, often grill outside and bring the food inside, when the weather gets colder. Either way, this type of cooking with all the extras, is very popular.

Year Round Bridal Shower Barbecue Gift Ideas

• Apron...choose fun and flattering for her, manly for him, or a coordinating.

Baster...helpful item that is often overlooked until needed.

Basting brush...basic tool for his/her secret sauce
Charcoal briquettes...if needed
Corn holders...cute extras that can be found in different colors and styles
Grill...this can be a great group gift
Grilling cookbook...more than just burgers and steaks, there are a wide variety available.

Hot plates...often overlooked, but usually needed

Large knife and fork...the right cooking tools make everything easier
Marinades...meat, fish, vegetables...give an assortment
Napkins...available in a variety of designs
Oven mitt...always needed

• Personalized Barbecue Kit

Picnic table and chairs...this is another good idea to be given by a group. It is best to have the couple choose what they would like ahead of time.
Skewers...these can be used for shish kabobs and more.
Scraper...this tool makes the clean up easier.
Seasonings...start with the basics, and add some that are unexpected.
Serving tray...match their style and colors, or give a festive outdoor item.
Spatula... for stirring and spreading barbecue sauce and marinades.
Spices...basic to gourmet
Steak knives...often forgotten, these make a great gift.
Tablecloth...wipe-able or paper choices can add a decorative touch.
Tongs...helpful tool that will be used again and again.
Utensils...plastic assortment or stainless
Utensil caddy...this will help the couple get organized indoors and/or out.

Not just for weekends and holidays, anymore, cooking and eating outdoors has become a common tradition. These ideas will be a welcome surprise, and a fun way for the bride and groom to entertain at home, in the future.

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