Bridal (and baby) Shower Decor

by Stacey B.
(Rossville, GA, USA)

These bridal shower gift and decorating ideas, can run into money if you aren't careful, but I think this idea is awesome. In lieu of giving the Bride & Groom a gift, my gift to them WAS the SHOWER!

This works best if you are having the shower in a conference room or church recreation area where there are several tables. The only thing I 'had' to incorporate were gerber daisy's and the color's orange, yellow and green. So I decorated each table with a nice centerpiece. The centerpiece at each table was for the Bride and Groom to keep. On one table, I did a pretty glass bowl with floating petals and floating candles with votives all around. On another table, I bought a stainless utensil caddy for the kitchen and some serving spoons, spatula's, etc. I took a flower and ribbon and tied them all together and put them in the crock for her kitchen. I had six tables to decorate centerpieces for, so as I said, this can add up. For the gift table, I did the wedding cake made of towels. I trimmed the cake in color coordinating ribbon and stuffed daisy's in each layer. Gorgeous! You can be as creative as you want with this. I had an absolute ball!!

Thanks for your website. It was a wealth of information for me.

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