200 Punch Recipes Ebook

This 200 Punch Recipes Ebook will help you find the perfect punch for your Bridal Shower, and other parties throughout the year. Instantly downloadable, you'll be able to look over these great choices just minutes from now.

There are 20 time tested bridal shower recipes. These are favorites chosen for this event. In addition, there are 180 additional recipes for major holidays, theme parties, and other special occasions. These are organized, easy to read, and easy to follow.

What's Included?


• hot

• cold

• alcoholic

• non alcoholic

• coffee

• chocolate

• champagne

• ice cream

• and more...

What's to Know?

• Bridal Shower and Holiday punch recipes ebook available immediately...

This ebook will help you:

• save time…it can be downloaded now

• save money…you’ll have a variety of punch recipes to use year-round

• easy step-by-step directions

• organized throughout the calendar year for easy reference

• suggestions are given for each major holiday

• recipes can also be used for theme parties

You could be checking one more item off your “to do list”!

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