Her Bridal Shower Style

Recognizing her bridal shower style is a way to pull your party plans together. Once you know it, all areas of the event can be coordinated with this in mind. The idea is based on the way she dresses, how she acts, and how she is perceived by others. There are many words that can be used to describe someone's style, but most people will fall under one of the categories below.

While looking over the following choices, one of them will probably jump out at you as the best way to describe her. She may be totally dominant in this one area. Often, however, a second side to her will be mixed in. The idea is to choose what you feel suits her best.

Her dress is traditional. Her choices in clothing are timeless pieces. She appears and acts very ladylike. This person may also be described as elegant.

She dresses and acts very feminine. She may choose soft, flowing dresses. She likes all the "princess" tales. Dreamy is another word to describe her.

She dresses very casually. She is not always into sports, but lives an active lifestyle. Relaxed is also a term for her.

She's always up with the latest trends...a fashionista. Very glamorous would describe her. She's bold and not afraid to try new things. She may play up her colors and accessories.

So, how can you use this information once you choose her bridal shower style?

• The invitation and it's design might be traditional.

• The party theme may be romantic.

• The bridal shower gift may reflect an active lifestyle.

• Her cake might be bright colored or have a funky design.

• You may play classical music, or you might choose rock songs.

*** Style Tip: Style-on-the-Go guides are a bride, and her bridal parties, best friend at their fingertips. Here's a perfect way to read up on what to wear, ideas for your hair, what colors look best, and how to have a stylish event.

These are just some ideas based on her bridal shower style. Once you know what you're going for, the rest of your plans will be based around the same idea.

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