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Bridal Shower Ideas and More, Issue #014 Summer Party Ideas
October 10, 2011
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Fall 2011 Party Ideas

Our new updates for the Fall of 2011:

Our October contest is up and running. We're featuring a beautiful picture frame style ornament from Ornament This would make a lovely keepsake for the bride/couple, wedding party, parents, and friends. This all white ornament would go with any color scheme or decor and can be a special memory year round. It could also be used as the bridal shower cake topper ...with current photo of the bride and/or couple, and date of the bridal shower. Please feel free to enter our contest..

Our Style Parties section kicked off in the summer. We had a great response, so we thought this issue we'd focus on Fashionable Fall and Winter tips.

For those of you planning your event around Halloween, a couples shower may be in the works. If you've been wanting to have a costume party, this is definitely the time. An added bonus is the fun lively atmosphere you will create. Typically, guests choose their own costume. This allows for budgeting and creativity.

Decorate with Halloween items, choose to match your theme, or do a combo of both.

If you want to have a specific theme, here are some options:
Ask guests to dress as famous individuals or couples.
Pirate theme
Super Heroes theme
Vampires and werewolves...ala Twilight.
Decade popular at any time of year and is a good idea because people often have some of these items in their closet. For example:
60's..tie dyed shirts, bell bottom jeans, John Lennon glasses, peasant blouses, fringe on shoes and bags
70's...flared jeans, platform shoes, Afro wigs, leisure suits, polyester anything.
*** Some of the 60' and 70's were crossover items, so mix and match. Peace signs are back in fashion and they are EVERYWHERE...belts, scarves, jewelry, bags.
80's...bright neon colors, oversized jewelry, fishnet stockings, lace gloves, thick belts, mini skirts (ruffled or denim), leggings, and leg warmers.
Pile on the jewelry and overdo the bright makeup!

Decade theme party supplies you may need...

Whether you have a mixed party or "just the girls" another popular idea is to have guests "bring their pet in coordinating costumes". Fans of the New York Housewives will remember the previously aired Halloween episode with their furry pals. This is a huge trend with animal lovers. Check out the latest pet'll be amazed.

Additional Fall Party Planning Ideas

If you love the Fall scenic colors, consider a trip to the vineyard with a wine tasting event. You can also create this atmosphere at home with a Wine And Cheese Party Theme. Decorate with warm tones of gold, green, and burgandy. Set up wine tasting stations. Have cheese available to pair with each. Use decorative glasses, and add a wine charm as a functional yet fancy accent.

*** Are you looking to have a simple yet elegant bridal shower? Try a Harvest theme. Decorate with gold, red, green, brown, cocoa, tan,... Anything with a leaf motif works well. The pumpkin is also another great star of the season. Use it to decorate, and add it to your menu in the form of soup, bread, muffins, and coffee. Also consider spiced cider and cakes.

*** Style tips: Stand out at your bridal shower with these fall fashion trends.
1. Knee length boots...last year over the knee was the fad, this season pair a great neutral, or pop of color boot with a pencil skirt and opaque tights.
2. Red is in...this vibrant hue can be flattering on any skin type. the key is to find the right shade. the more yellow/olive the skin, the more a red/orange tone works for you.
3. Polka Dots...have been seen on many runways this season, so, if your thinking about purchasing a great new blouse, top, dress, or skirt, opt for this pattern.

For those of you planning ahead for a Winter Bridal Shower, we are thinking about you as well. There are some great theme ideas and color schemes to work with as you start your plans.

1. Traditional and green, has a classic and timeless appeal. a variation would be burgandy or maroon and hunter green. The use of a tree with mult-color lights would be festive. Holly and ivy, wreaths, and poinsettas are perfect for this time of year.

2. Winter Wonderland...white, all variations and tones. This simple and elegant atmosphere works for all different brides. It can be decorated with crystal accents and white lights. This would have a clean, crisp appearance and white flowers would be ideal.

3. Traditional Victorian... pink and gold. This fancy theme started by Queen Victoria (and the Victorian Era) of England. She followed the "more is more" philosophy. Every inch of space was decorated and covered, especially, during the holidays. A girly girls dream can be created with pink roses, gold accents, and matching tableware.

4. New Year's esque...silver and gold. The use of metallic's for table cloths and party decor. It would be perfect for a modern or edgeier tone. Think about glittery centerpieces to catch the light and use a variation of heights/sizes at each table to make them stand out.

*** Style tip: Select your bridal shower holiday decoration by considering the bride's desired party look. An added touch would be to bring or have the bride wear a coordinated outfit for her special day.

Remember with each theme, you can always decorate a tree with ornaments like the picture frame ornament we are highlighting in the October contest. This makes a stunning showpiece for a bridal shower and you can give the guests each their own as a favor to take home.

Don't forget to enter our contest !

Happy Planning!

*** We hope you have enjoyed this edition of Bridal Shower Ideas and More. Please feel free to share this with a friend.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me:

Trish Burrell is founder of Bridal Shower Ideas For You. Visit this informational site on all areas of bridal shower planning, at

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